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Sling into Ohio's party farm for Mudathlon

Mudathlon® heads to southwest Ohio’s party farm on August 9, 2014. It promises to be a “mucking good time!”


It’s a different sort of a sporting event. Or maybe it’s one big party scene or team building exercise. Maybe it’s what your sibling rivalry needs. It doesn’t matter because you can play dirty!


Whether you’re a serious athlete or fun seeker, this obstacle packed, mud soaked adventure will both drain you yet leave you wanting more. It features 40 challenging obstacles where mud is the key ingredient for fun. Participants will encounter a 100 yard mud pit – TWICE! And a 100 foot long slide hill depositing people into a mud pit. They fly down oa special fabric to make for the best SPLAT when they finally hit bottom.


Competitors are divided by 12-years and older and 12-years and younger groups. In order to maximize the fun, limited numbers are released in waves. When it’s all over, no worries, there are showers to clean off the thick mud sure to be sticking everywhere. Then, enjoy the post-race festivities.


Post race activities come with live music, food and drinks served up across one of Southwest Ohio’s favorite farms – Niederman Family Farm in Liberty Township. It is conveniently nestled between Cincinnati and Dayton just off I-75.


Niederman Family Farm has built a reputation as a family-friendly party farm year-round. This working farm has pulled out all the stops in the name of survival and transformed large portions of its 210 acres into fields of dreams for all ages.


Check the batteries in your flashlight. You’ll need them for all the nighttime fun at Niederman Family Farm. Southwest Ohio’s shining star for family fun after dark has more than a wish list of activities to share. First, light your night up with a private bonfire. Then pull that special someone close. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows.


Wait, there’s S’mores!


It is a major paintball destination. So if someone beat you in the muddy fun run, maybe you’ll want to pop a cap in their …gluteus maximus.


Ohio’s Paintball Country even has lit fields. Using more than 40 acres, it has become a major attraction. It spans fields, woods, a creek and more featuring scenarios from the Civil War to Star Wars. The vast offerings there attract seasoned veterans from around the country for major scenario war games to first time, individual, speedball players looking to try something new. Just show up and the folks there will provide all of the equipment you’ll need.


Jumping to fall, which will be here before you know it, Niederman Family Farm has built a top-notch reputation. Enormous corn maze – check!  Pick your own pumpkins from a patch – check!  Horse-drawn hay rides – check! The list of activities includes all of your autumn staples and more. Something unique is their jumping pillow inside a 70’ X 120’ barn on stilts.


Ongoing activities feature barn rentals, primitive cabins (with heat and air conditioning), bonfire pits and many seasonal events plus group tours. Group accommodations are routinely made for families, organizations, social and kids groups. The Niederman’s also accommodate large family reunions and corporate events in a restored 1890s barn with modern amenities. 


Oh, and there are farm animals galore.


Niederman Family Farm is located at 5110 LeSourdsville-West Chester Road in Liberty Township, Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton. Call 513-779-6184 or visit www.niedermanfamilyfarm.com.  


By Frank R. Satullo, The OhioTraveler


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Joe & Missy Duer invite you to step back in time with a visit to their legendary Staley Mill Farm, home to Indian Creek Distillery.


This historic farmstead is a glimpse into the past and will return its visitors to an earlier time with its timeless beauty, ageless spirit and family heritage.  Situated along meandering Indian Creek, the 160 acre farm was purchased in 1820 by Elias Staley who built a commercial sized distillery across from the grist mill that he and his brothers had built several years earlier for the previous owner.  "Liquid Gold" was produced by the mix of grains from the Grist Mill and his handmade double copper distilled rye whiskey became the "profit of the times" for his pioneer family.  Staley Rye Whiskey became famous for quality. Customers (including Indians) came from miles around to get their jugs filled with the tasty liquid.


After Elias' death in 1866, sons Andrew, Simon and John continued the distilling operation.  During their lifetimes, the grist mill was expanded, a two story warehouse was built and the construction of a 1500 gallon mash tub enabling them to increase production.  At times, there were 100 barrels aging in the Bond House and the distillery ran 24 hours a day.


Simon's son, George Washington Staley continued to operate the distillery after the death of his father and two uncles.  It was his sad duty to close the doors of the family's profitable whiskey distillery when Prohibition was made the law of the land in 1920.  With great foresight, George hid the old stills and associated distilling equipment from the government agents in the top floor of the warehouse.  He also recorded the mash bill or recipe that the family had used for 100 years.


After George passed away, two generations came and went with only memories of whiskey making' times at The Staley Mill Farm.  But the past met the present when the next generation (Joe and Missy) resurrected history.


Today, a new artisan farm distillery has been built and once again Staley Rye Whiskey is flowing from the still house.  The distillery represents the legacy of early farm distilling:  past, present and future.  It’s the only family owned historic artisan farm distillery in the United States using the old fashioned double copper distilling method. Whiskey is distilled using the original copper pot stills that Missy's great-great-great grandfather Elias used in 1820, the same mash bill and the same water source (spring water).   


A "true sip of history", these whiskeys are uniquely small batch where art and science meet in the middle to produce a spirit like no other.  Award winning, old-fashioned frontier whiskeys are created with passionate dedication to authenticity using Early American Distilling Method.   Produced by the 6th generation, these historic artisans, keepers of the past, fan the flames of the future...  The spirit of America in a bottle!    


A visit to Indian Creek Distillery will transport you to the "Old Northwest Territory" where the Frontier was wild and whiskey was king!


So come to the farm where it all began two centuries ago. Learn about upcoming events.  Sample and purchase Early American Rye Whiskeys and shop for flasks, glasses, t-shirts, and more in the retail shop. The tasting room features the family's historic photos and artifacts, some dating back to the early 1800's when the Staley's whiskey making legacy began.


Hours are Thursday – Saturday from 10-5.  Still House tours are scheduled Saturdays at 12:00, 2:00 & 4:00. For additional information, visit www.staleymillfarmanddistillery.com. Join the underground whiskey movement...be (R)evolutionary.

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As that favorite old song goes;

When your day's work is over,

Then you are in clover,

And life is one beautiful rhyme. 

No trouble annoying,

Each one is enjoying,

The good old summer time.


In Sidney, Ohio, the good old summer time schedule of fun things to do really powers up this month.    


What says summer time more than a County Fair?  You and your family are sure to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas of the Shelby County Fair, July 20-26 in Sidney.  This year marks the 154th anniversary of the fair that is anticipated to be one of the best yet.  Live shows include the Team Extreme stunt show, escape artist Mario Manzini, the Lost Mountain Jamboree, gold and platinum recording artists Firehouse, the Nationwide Car Show and racing simulator, Pink Floyd tribute band Dark Side of the Moon, ventriloquist David Crone, the Buckeye Demolition Derby, and a Truck & Tractor Pull.   Additional information about these shows, 4H animal and craft exhibits, adult and youth contests, and much more can be found on the fair website.     


At nearby Lake Loramie State Park you’ll find 407 acres of fun for the whole family.  On July 12th, free pontoon rides are being offered on the lake from 1-4 p.m.  Accompanying the beauty and tranquility of this relaxing ride through one of Ohio’s most prized natural resources, you’ll hear from a number of people who will share their experiences, stories, and history of Lake Loramie.  Lake artifacts and photographs will be on display at Earl’s Island Pavilion all afternoon.  


July 18-20 will feature the Lake Loramie State Park Christmas in July celebration offering a campsite decorating contest, tree lighting ceremony complete with Christmas caroling, Christmas movies, fun- filled Christmas activities with a Park naturalist for the kids, and much more.  Another “can’t miss” is the always entertaining Lake Loramie Boat Parade on July 20th.  Beginning at 1 p.m., local owners will cleverly decorate their boats to the theme, Fast Food Restaurants.  Be sure to pack a picnic lunch, your fishing pole, and a lawn chair to enjoy the parade (and the lake) from the picturesque Earl’s Island Pavilion. 


For the competitive athletes out there, August 24th brings the Lake Loramie Triathlon.  The race begins at 8 a.m. and challenges participants with canoeing on the lake, a 15 mile bike ride, and a 4 mile run.  For those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of spirited competition or simply the comraderay of participating in a 2-person outdoor activity, this race is a great way to end the summer. 


On August 30th, your family is sure to have a ball at the Lake Loramie Catfish Derby.  An enclosed channel will be stocked with 750 catfish so the kids are almost guaranteed to catch a fish.  Participation in the Derby is free to the public and open to kids ages 17 and under.  Parents are welcome to come and help your little one bring in the big fish.  Anyone aged 16 and older does need a fishing license. 


Details about these and all events at Lake Loramie State Park can be obtained by contacting the park office at (937) 295-2011 or their web site at http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/lakeloramie.


So, don’t let “The Good Old Summer Time” season pass you by.  Now is the time to begin planning your visit to Sidney.  Everything you need to know can be found at www.VisitSidneyShelby.com.   While on the site, be sure to check out the Travel Itineraries section where you can select from 7 carefully prepared day-trip itineraries or build your own weekend visit from a list of more than 70 area attractions.  


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That’s the nickname for the Amphicar, the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile ever to be mass-produced.  3,878 Amphicars were built in Germany from 1961 to 1968.  Of those cars, 3,046 were imported into the United States.


The Amphicar has a top speed of 7 mph on water and 70 mph on land.  An Amphicar is moved in the water by its twin nylon propellers. A special two-part land-and-water transmission built by Hermes (makers of the Porsche transmission) allows the wheels and propellers to be operated either independently or simultaneously. The "land transmission" is a 4-speed-plus-reverse unit similar to those found in the old Volkswagen Beetles. The "water transmission" is a 2-speed offering unique to the Amphicar featuring single forward and reverse gears. In the water, the front wheels act as rudders.  


When new, an Amphicar sold for between $2,800 and $3,300, depending on the year.  All Amphicars are convertibles and were originally offered in only 4 colors: Beach White, Regatta Red, Lagoon Blue and Fjord Green (Aqua).   You will find many today that have been customized with paint and accessories. Some of the more unique include one adorned with Pink Flamingoes, one painted to resemble the Bat Mobile and another to resemble a huge Rubber Ducky. 


Amphicars have been honored guests at the Celina Lake Festival in west central Ohio for more than 20 years.  35 to 40 Amphicars are expected during the festival, which is being held July 25-27, 2014.  You will begin seeing the cars on Tuesday and Wednesday of festival week as they drive around town and cruise along in the lake.  Their official festival appearances include a Swim-In on Friday evening and you can see the entire contingent of Amphicars as they take part in the Grand Parade on Saturday evening.   


The Celina Lake Festival offers plenty of summer fun for the entire family including the collector car show, a free movie at Lake Shore Park, music by Country Mile, a 5K run, a huge craft show and a pie eating contest.  Along with the Amphicars, other top attractions again this year will be the Saturday evening Grand Parade and the Fabulous Fireworks over the lake on Friday night. 


The Celina Lake Festival takes place in Celina, Ohio in Lake Shore Park along the northwest corner of Grand Lake St. Marys.  Admission and parking are free. More information about the festival is available at lakefestival.com.


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There's Still Time to Enjoy Summer

All you have to do is look around and see that people are excited to be outdoors. With school right around the corner, guests realize there is still time to have fun. July, August and September are filled with activities that will sure bring you back to Mohican-Loudonville area for more.


The Live Birds of Prey, every Saturday, at the Mohican State Park Lodge & Conference Center is very popular way to view the birds while sitting and relaxing after a full day. The Live Birds of Prey will be held every Saturday, 7pm, through November.


July 5th is the Loudonville Car Show. Rated #1 four times in a row by Cruisin’ Times Magazine! This well-liked event will also have live entertainment and food.


July 11th – 13th and September 19th – 21st is host to the 30th annual Mohican Pow-Wow. Learn and celebrate Native American Culture through dancing, tomahawk demonstrations, music and more! Visit www.mohicanpowwow.com for more information. You can also purchase tickets at Creative Outlet, located in Loudonville.


July 17th – 20th, enjoy the "good old days" when Loudonville was home of the Flxible Company, proud manufacturer of inter-city motorcoaches. A bi-annual event, this year's Rally includes a July 19 coach parade downtown featuring some 40 restored coaches and open house with many classic coaches on display.


Appreciate the hard work and artistry of living in the days of the Pioneers. July 26th – 27th the Wolf Creek Grist Mill will host buck skinners, crafters, encampments, live entertainment and more.


August 6th - 10th-help celebrate Loudonville’s Bicentennial, 200 year of progress, 1814 to 2014. Planned festivities include opening the 1964 Sesquicentennial time capsule, an ice cream social, vintage baseball game, clogger performance, square dance, circus and entertainment every evening.


The Races at Pleasant Hill Lake Park Triathlon is a great opportunity to get the family all together one last time before the kids go back to school! It will be held on Sunday, August 17, 2014. This is a great event for first time du/triathletes and runners as well as seasoned veterans. The event will offer a Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Duathlon, 10k Run, 5k Run and a one mile Kids FUN Run. Visit www.allsportfun.com for more information.


America's Colonial era comes alive as local re-actors set up camp at the Wolf Creek Pine Run Grist Mill on August 23rd - 24th. Visit with American, British, French, and Native American soldiers in traditional 18th century uniforms. Enjoy trading demonstrations, even a battle re-creation.


Spend a fun day for the entire family learning about quality Amish made log homes on September 12th -13th. Log home tour, lumberjack competition, log cabin raising, Amish food, silent craft auction, log home related exhibitors and much more. Donations go to support the American Cancer Society.


September 27th, come & enjoy an Old World style German atmosphere at the Grist Mill with great food, live bands & of course – beer! (Wine Too) Tastings available for all kinds of beer!


Loudonville hosts a big fair that is truly an old-fashioned, family-oriented event September 30th-October 4th. Five days of free admission, free entertainment, free exhibits, free livestock shows and auctions, free power pulls, rides, wide variety of food and much, much more.


For more information on the Mohican-Loudonville area visit www.discovermohican.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay, play and discover why Mohican Rocks!

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Balloon Festival 


Ohio Challenge Balloon Festival Takes Flight July 11-12, 2014. 


Love gazing at majestic hot air balloons? Look to the skies this July in Middletown, Ohio for the 2014 Ohio Challenge presented by Selection.com. Watch stunning balloons take flight and mesmerizing skydivers perform incredible feats at one of Ohio’s favorite festivals. Taking place at Smith Park and Middletown Regional Airport, July 11 & 12, the event combines the BFA Great Lakes Regional Championship balloon competition with a festival atmosphere. 


Bring the whole family for an afternoon and evening of fun. From mass balloon launches (weather permitting) to skydiving performances by Team Fastrax to tethered balloon rides and the world-famous balloon glow, the Ohio Challenge is action packed. Aside from watching balloons and skydivers, there are many other activities for the whole family. A full carnival includes a trackless train, Friday night laser lights show, Saturday classic car show and live music & entertainment. 


New this year, the Ohio Challenge will feature the Warrior Weekend to Remember. Thirty Wounded Warriors will participate in fun and exciting activities throughout the weekend as a way to honor their service. Some of the activities include a USPSA Multi-Gun Competition, 5k run/walk and a golf outing. Participants are also treated to tandem skydives, balloon rides and biplane rides. This year’s Warrior Weekend service members will be recognized in a special ceremony on Saturday night. So, come out and show your appreciation for our nation’s heroes. 


The festival events run Friday and Saturday, July 11 & 12, 2014 from 4 to 10:30 p.m. Walk-in admission is $4 per adult and children 12 and under are free. Drive-in admission is $10 per vehicle and includes parking, admission for all occupants of the vehicle and a free shuttle service to and from the festival. For spectators who would like to attend the morning balloon competition to witness more flights, the competition takes place between 7 and 9 AM, Friday through Sunday. Admission is free during morning hours.  


For more information about the 2014 Ohio Challenge presented by Selection.com, please visit www.ohiochallenge.com or www.GetToTheBC.com.


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Punderson Manor Lodge and Conference Center’s haunted history for years has attracted those with a passing interest as well those who are true believers.


This summer, the lodge invites guests to enjoy a meal in its elegant dining room followed by a tour led by a former district park manager and law enforcement supervisor who is an expert on the park’s and lodge’s spooky history. Guests should expect to hear stories about a black cat that roams the hallways, reports from guests staying on the top floor of parties above them, and even a personal experience of the tour leader’s wife who found herself stuck in a lodge bathroom, alarmed by the sounds of rustling outside the door.


The free tours will be conducted each Thursday starting at 8:30 p.m. from now until the end of October. The restaurant is open for dinner until 8:30 p.m. on these nights. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 1-440-564-9144.


Tours begin with a walk through the original reportedly haunted wing where guests will hear about strange events that have supposedly occurred in lodge rooms, the small library, and the rotunda. The evening culminates with more stories told around a bonfire; stories of early Ohio History, early explorers, Ohio Indian tribes, wars and conflicts fought in the Ohio territories, and famous military officers and Presidents of Ohio’s past.


Upon completion of the tour, guests receive a special invitation to come back and experience an overnight stay at Punderson Manor themselves. Those who survive the night will receive free breakfast the next morning.


Located in northeast Ohio, Punderson State Park is about 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland. The land was originally settled by Lemuel Punderson and his wife, Sybil, in the early 1800s. The Pundersons operated a grist mill, lumber mill, and distillery. After their deaths, the family sold the land to W.B. Cleveland, who started the construction of the first Manor House for his wife Ocie in 1898 and moved into the Manor in 1904. Upon W B. Cleveland’s death in 1928, Mrs. Cleveland sold the property to Detroit millionaire Karl Long in 1929.


Historians believe that remodeling was begun for Long’s wife on the 29-room, 14-bath mansion that now comprises the state park’s manor house, but Long never completed the home as he lost his fortune during the Great Depression and died before the home was completed. The property returned back to its original owner, Mrs. Ocie Cleveland, who eventually sold the property to the state of Ohio, and which became the second state park in Ohio.


The state finally completed remolding of the mansion and opened it to the public on November 15, 1956, turning it into a resort with both lodging and dining. It added 26 two-bedroom cabins and by the 1970s it was a popular getaway for Clevelanders as well as a stop for other travelers. It was about then that resort and park employees began reporting the strange goings-on.


Some of their stories include: 

  • Employee after employee has reported strange and annoying occurrences such as fires going out, pencils flying through the room, doors opening and closing, and faucets being turned on and off.

  • Seasoned employees would sometimes get so annoyed by the disturbances that they would simply yell out for the “ghosts” to stop. Often, the disturbances would indeed stop – at least for a day or two.

  • A restaurant hostess dozing on a sofa in the employee lounge said she was awakened by the sounds of children laughing and running around the sofa.  Of course, there were no children to be found in the room.

  • Guests and employees alike feel a chill breeze while walking a hallway or entering a room on some of the hottest days of the year.

  • A little girl’s parents noticed her talking to a make-believe friend several times in their room while staying at the Manor House. Upon returning home from their vacation, the little girl kept telling her parents about her new friend she made at the Manor. The little girl’s parents asked her to describe to them what her make-believe friend looked like; the little girl described former owner W.B. Cleveland in detail. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland loved children and operated a summer camp for many years on their property.

Most guests don’t experience, nor even seek out, these ghostly occurrences. They’re too busy playing on an 18-hole championship golf course or on the park’s disc golf course, playing tennis or basketball, swimming in the pool, boating, camping at the 200-site campground, or fishing at the nearby lakes. There’s also great hiking in the summer, and sledding, snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing in winter.


The lodge is managed by Xanterra Parks & Resorts and is open year round. To make reservations at Punderson Manor State Park Lodge, call 1-800-282-7275 or visit www.pundersonmanorstateparklodge.com/.

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This month's recipient of
The Ohio STANDOUT Award

African Safari Wildlife Park: This is a generational favorite for many Ohioans, standing the test of time. I mean c’mon, it’s a drive-thru SAFARI! Feed a giraffe by hand through the window of your car – or bison, zebra, elk and the list goes on. And if you get startled, you’ll have food pellets in car vents for years to come along with the memories. Oh, and there’s also a walk-thru Safari. It features creatures like warthogs, monkeys, wildcats and white alligators. Don’t miss the animal shows routinely scheduled. Ever see a pig race? Learn more about this Port Clinton, Ohio attraction at www.africansafariwildlifepark.com.


This award recognizes Ohio's truest standouts in tourism. More details about the award and its recipients are at www.ohiotraveler.com/standouts.htm.


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Wayne County is well known for being part of the world’s largest Amish settlement and home to Lehman’s Hardware and the J. M. Smucker Company.  What people may not know about Wayne County, is their abundance of antique stores and quality bed and breakfasts.


Antique shops are scattered around the county to make an interesting day’s drive.  Smithville is home to Curious Fare and Just Enough Antiques, while downtown Wooster is home to Townsend Antiques, Walnut Street Antiques and Uptown/Downtown Antique Emporium.  Also in Wooster is Third Door Antiques and Little Mama’s Antiques and Collectibles. The Rose and Thistle’s home is in Burbank and Rt. 57 Antique Mall is in Orrville.


A great way to capture the ambiance of the area is to stay at one of the unique bed and breakfasts.  Not only do they offer wonderful accommodations, but they have the added value of a home cooked breakfast and conversation with locals that know the “must do” things in the area.


Whether you are looking for an historic bed and breakfast in the city, or a log cabin in the woods, Wayne County has that and more.  Stay in a beautifully restored 1897 Victorian B&B or a cabin next to a river and waterfall.  Walk to the Ohio Light Opera, or relax by the fireplace in an 1820’s log home.


Whatever your reason for visiting Wayne County, make it extra special by visiting these intriguing antique stores and staying in a distinct bed and breakfast. 


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"I was shaking with fright… If I pushed the throttle, what would I really be doing? Beginning? I suddenly knew I had to find out.”  - Jerrie Mock, first woman to fly solo around the world!


In 1964, this 38 year-old housewife from Newark, Ohio was the first woman to complete the historic solo feat in 29 days, flying 22,860 miles. Never having flown over water, Geraldine "Jerrie" Fredritz Mock left Port Columbus Airport (CMH)  heading southeast to Bermuda in her single-engine, Cessna 180, N1538C, lovingly known as Three-Eight Charlie. Flying alone above the clouds, no land in sight, hand-drawn maps, a broken radio antennae, no communication, touching down at night with only a flashing light to mark the landing strip, Jerrie knew she was only beginning the many adventures that awaited her.


To recognize the 50th anniversary of Jerrie Mock’s solo flight, Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services published a newly designed second edition of Three-Eight Charlie. Jerrie’s story is enhanced with her passport, flight log and maps, photos, newspaper clippings, telegrams and personal letters. Her story is not to be missed. It is an important piece of Ohio history. Jerrie Mock’s name, her story and her Cessna 180 should be common recall for all school students and historians.


Jerrie’s Cessna 180, officially named The Spirit of Columbus, is on display at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA. Two bronze statues of Jerrie Mock have been erected to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her historic flight. One in the LeFevere Courtyard at The Works® Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology in Newark, OH and the other at the Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus, OH.


Being a story of great historical significance, THREE-EIGHT CHARLIE currently is available in paperback, a limited number of hard-cover editions, and as an ebook from Amazon. Don’t miss this opportunity to put the story of the first woman to fly solo around the world on your bookshelf. To inquire about ordering, please go to www.38Charlie.com.


Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services, located in Granville OH, and can be reached at 740-587-3659 or info@phoenixgraphix.us.

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