(Admission: $15/adult, $10/child and younger than 3 are free)

This attraction has been closed until further notice per their web site at

All-aboard for a trip back in history as passengers are transported in time to the days when coal mining was king in Guernsey County. Listen to the stories of the local miners, sing along to I Owe My Soul to the company Store, and be sure to sit back and relax on this 1 hour trip as the volunteers of the Byesville Scenic Railway tell you the stories as told to them by their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, immigrants from eastern & central Europe who would become coal miners or railroaders here in the Southeastern Ohio. 

Dressed in denim bibs, and wearing work boots and carbide lamp caps, our coal miners look just like the ones that worked in the area decades ago.  Their faces, necks, arms & hands are covered in coal dust, as this is how the miners looked after a days work underground.  Along the way, as we pass by 12 former coal mines that were served by the railroad, and 1,500 miners in 1915.

The railroad crew will tell you about the significance of the railroad line and if the railroads of southeastern Ohio were not built, then there would have been no way to haul coal from the area. Linking Marietta with Cleveland this line was one of the busiest in Ohio with coal trains heading north to Cleveland every 20 minutes.

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