25% Off Playsets for Christmas


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Amish-made playsets, fruitcakes and so much more for the holiday season await at Keim’s Family Market.

During Christmas season, Keim’s will discount its outdoor children’s playsets by 25 percent. These include two-story, solid wood fortresses, ships and other themed construction with sturdy plastic slides, curly slides, swings, climbing walls and additional accessories. There are plenty of examples fully built and on display.

Inside Keim’s main store, there is plenty of Amish-made furniture, ingredients for cooking from scratch and a bakery with just about anything fresh out of the oven.

But one traditional holiday treat made at Keim is ordered and delivered nationwide – their signature fruitcake. Lots of jokes surround fruitcake gifts around the holiday season but at Keim Family Market, its serious business!

Aside from their renowned fruitcakes and fruit pies, Amish ladies are in the old-fashioned kitchen by early morning baking a variety of tasty treats right before your eyes. All of which are sure to be gone from shelves by day’s end. Truly, you can get it while it’s hot! Whether you crave pies, cinnamon rolls or fresh-baked breads, the aroma floating in the air says it all. The peanut butter pretzels will make your mouth water just looking at it.

If you want to be a hit at those upcoming holiday parties, stop at Keim’s first.

Next to the bakery is the full-line deli where you can pack a cooler full of a wide variety of cheese and meat selections to bring back home. And if you want to do some cooking at home, fill a grocery basket with natural spices and baking ingredients. The store also sells an enormous selection of canned foods, sugar-free foods and old-fashioned candies. Be sure to bring home an Amish cook book, too, to come up with a “can’t miss” recipe for your guests.

But that’s not all! Bring your Christmas shopping list. The rustic store has a wide-variety of potential gifts, including wicker baskets, candles, quilts, and other unique items. For those bigger gifts, you may fall in love with the craftsmanship of Keim’s dining room sets, bedroom sets, hutches, gliders and chairs. They even have computer tables with keyboard returns, all hand crafted by Amish craftsmen.

Walk around the smaller buildings, too. You’ll find plenty more in the bargain barn and art barn.

Keim Family Market is a special place, rich in history from its humble beginning when hard times drove Roy Kaim, an Amish man, to pack his horse and buggy with his wife’s homemade pies to go sell roadside. Thirty years later, the pies are still selling along the “Appalachian Highway” on the edge of Appalachia in Southern Ohio.

Keim Family Market is located at 2621 Burnt Cabin Road off SR 32 in Seaman, Ohio. They are open Monday – Friday 8am – 6 pm and Saturday 8am – 5pm but closed on Sunday. Their phone number is 937-386-9995. More information is available at www.keimfamilymarket.com.