A Day of Shopping in Berlin

Holmes County Ohio, otherwise known as the heart of Amish country, is known for its unique residents who live there and for the beautiful country landscapes. It’s the perfect place for a getaway weekend to just relax and explore. Amish country offers several different types of activities for its guests to take part in. One of the main focuses of the area is shopping.

Recently, I visited Berlin, one of the main focuses in the county, and found several places that are must-visit spots! As a recently graduated college student, I’m kind of broke, and I know I’m not the only one out there. My taste in style is also one that leans towards the unique things that not everyone may have. This is perfect considering this area is known for all the antique shopping spots. I wanted to use my day in Berlin to find the places that are great to visit but won’t necessarily break the bank.

The first spot I visited was Studio 4 Designs.

This shop is a bit hidden since it’s not right along the main street in town but it’s worth the visit! They have so many unique items and lots of vintage pieces. Kathy, the owner, even sews pillows, makes her own macrame pieces and her husband creates their furniture pieces. It’s the perfect place if you’re interested in cottage core or vintage vibes for your decorating! I’m always a sucker for cool statement pieces in my decorating and Studio 4 has them! From old typewriters to cameras, an older radio, and even vintage photographs they have such fun items! I would absolutely love to have one of these displayed in my home. (I would especially die for that black typewriter). There were lots of unique bottles and decorative art pieces to just add to a fun whimsical feel.

Their furniture pieces were also ones that I wish I had in my home. Several pieces would most definitely add character to any room! My personal favorite pieces were all the plant hangers that Kathy made and the green locker side table. Towards the back of the store is a room that I wish I could take and just have it in my own house. Imagine sitting at the desk to sew, write, paint, or just create some kind of art. It’s the perfect artist space and goals for the ultimate craft room.

Overall, I would highly suggest visiting here! After speaking with Kathy, who is very kind by the way, I’m excited to see new pieces that they’ll bring in and all of the one-of-a-kind items you can score for your own home.

My second stop was Kaufman’s Kountry Accents. The second you walk into this store; you’re cascaded in the delightful smell of butterscotch and a warm atmosphere. This store is just filled with rustic farmhouse decorations. If you’re interested in decorating with greenery and fun ways to display them then this store is great for you! I love having greenery in my decorating and love the pieces that they put together.

Who doesn’t want a snack in the midst of all your shopping? A super fun spot to visit would be MainStreet Fudge & Popcorn Co! In the mood for ice cream, cream sodas, taffy, popcorn, or fudge? This is the place for you! It’s such a fun little shop with so many different things to try. They have so many options for whatever mood you’re in! Even if you don’t get something in the store, it’s worth taking home some fudge or taffy as a souvenir. Plus, you can snack on them as you continue to shop around town!

Or if you’re more interested in a meal, there’s a coffee shop just down the road, Ginger House Coffee. Their wild berry smoothies are my favorite and I absolutely love their cranberry pecan salad. After getting my snacks, I continued to walk down the street to the Berlin Village Gift Barn where I was greeted with a Holmes County version of IKEA! If you walk all the way through the store to the bottom floor, you can then walk across the parking lot over to their garden section!

The Country Gatherings gardens have so many things to make your gardens fun and whimsical! You can get new plants there, decorations, pots, supplies, and even things to put together your own fairy garden. The best part is exploring through their plant selection and picking out something new and exciting to add to your own garden. Personally, I was thrilled to look through the succulents that they have!

One of my favorite spots to shop at ended up being the Berlin Antique Mall and Berlin Craft Mall. Both malls are located across from Hiland High School. They’re huge and filled with all sorts of fun finds! You get to look at furniture, decor, books, clothing, pottery, and more. It’s super fun to walk around and explore. Plus, you’ll never know what you find! I really like looking through glassware to search for quirky-shaped bottles!

Overall, Berlin is filled with all sorts of fun finds! I’m eager to go revisit some of these places in the future to see what new things they have or things that I may have missed.

Other places I’d love to visit sometimes include a candle shop, a Native American jewelry store, and a store that has a sign out front that says, “The Original Fairy Store”! They’ve all piqued my interest and I’d love to spend another day out-and-about in Berlin.

Plan your visit at https://www.visitamishcountry.com/.

By Shannon Carter

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