“A Must Visit in 2023”

Few places in the US can claim to be one of the fifty destinations on the planet selected by Forbes Magazine as a must-visit in 2023. Ohio’s Hocking Hills is one of the destinations to make the prestigious list. While growing in popularity in the Midwest, much of the country is not yet aware they are in such close proximity to the remarkable Hocking Hills.

Widely known for its world-class hiking, sparkling waterfalls, and expansive scenic vistas, the Hocking Hills is also known for its serenity and cozy cabins in the woods where travelers reconnect with nature, their loved ones, and themselves. The region is truly the natural crown jewel of Ohio.

Seasoned visitors are often looking for something new while still focusing on nature. The new Hocking Hills Butterfly Trail is just the ticket. Featuring fourteen stops, the self-guided tour takes butterfly enthusiasts around the Hocking Hills, learning about different butterfly species, their habitats, what they like to eat, and their travel plans. Some butterflies, like the Monarch, travel to Mexico and back each year. At each stop, there is a giant pair of butterfly wings of the featured butterfly. They make for great photos, and kids of all ages love them.

One stop along the Hocking Hills Butterfly Trail is Butterfly Ridge, a butterfly conservation center. The initial idea for Butterfly Ridge came into being in early 2014.  The idea was to have a garden that would focus on the health and well-being of butterflies native to southeastern Ohio.  The garden, which opened on July 1, 2017, is open to the public seasonally to visit and learn about butterflies, moths, and other pollinators.

Hiking is likely the number one activity in the Hocking Hills, but many may not know other activities are offered. Although the Hocking Hills is not home to any PGA golf courses, plenty of unique golf experiences keep you entertained. The region has three disc golf courses. One is located in Hocking Hills State Park. Nine of the eighteen holes are now open and can be found near the new Hocking Hills State Park Lodge & Conference Center. The second and third are located at Logan High School and Hocking College, respectively. Both are eighteen-hole courses, and all are open to the public.

Have you ever heard of Park Golf? At Wormburner Park Golf, one of only two park golf courses in the United States, you’ll find a fun and simple sport that anyone can enjoy. Unlike regular golf, you only need 1 club and 1 ball to play. You hit the ball from a teeing ground towards a hole, counting the number of strokes you take until the ball goes into the cup. The object is to put the ball in the cup with the fewest strokes. Think BIG mini-golf… or smaller regular golf.

For the traditional golfer, there is the Hocking Hills Golf Club, a Par-71 course measuring 5,861 yards. The rolling terrain has been modified into a magnificent layout by designer Jack Kidwell. From the bent-grass tee boxes and the tree-lined fairways to the meticulously manicured greens, every acre of the land is shaped and fitted to blend with the natural landscape while lining you up for the perfect shot.

For the kiddos and kiddos at heart, there’s putt-putt golf. Adventure Golf at Remple’s Grove is a beautifully designed course with a waterfall surrounded by dining, shopping, a petting zoo, and canoe livery. Also located in the midst of shopping, dining, and a flea market is Hocking Hills Mini Golf at the Hocking Hills Market.  Eighteen holes of fun and vibrant greenery and water features make you feel like you’re putting your way through Hocking Hills.

The first step to having the best possible Hocking Hills vacation is to pledge to visit responsibly. It’s easy. Go to LoveHockingHills.com and pledge to be a responsible traveler. Everyone who takes the pledge receives a sticker and card so you can let everyone know you are a responsible traveler.

Planning a great getaway to the Hocking Hills is easy. Visit ExploreHockingHills.com to search for lodging, activities, festivals, and more.

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