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We’re a leader in digital and social marketing and run a site that consistently gets the #1 organic Google result for a wide variety of highly effective Ohio travel and event keyword combinations. OhioTraveler.com receives well over one million visitors per year.

We deliver digital marketing expertise, achieving big results for small budgets featuring digital content creation, social media management and effective online advertising and marketing.

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About Us:

With all the noise in promotion today, how is your message remembered? People are smart. They tune bells and whistles out and want substance, quickly and easily. But you still need to do something to grab their attention and make them remember YOU!

Use our promotional services, creatively, to get your message instantly noticed by a mass audience interested in your message.

Simply, we find the market in marketing.

Frank R. Satullo, owner of ZoneFree Publishing , publisher of OhioTraveler.com and Tour Guide To Fun has been nationally recognized for his creative innovations while serving as the director of marketing and public relations at a Fortune-15 company’s North American headquarters. He has since demonstrated long-term success as an entrepreneur, receiving numerous marketing and publicity awards for his creations at OhioTraveler.com, which is now in its 14th year and has topped 1.5 million annual visitors. His social media creations include several video production awards. He has attained over 1,000 media contacts. Satullo is also a U.S. Army veteran who served with honor and Top Secret security clearance on a nuclear missile base in Germany conducting satellite communications. Satullo is frequently invited on radio and television shows and has been published and quoted in many newspapers and magazines nationwide, including Entrepreneur Magazine. In addition, he has authored a memoir and novel.

ZoneFree Publishing is the publisher of OhioTraveler.com and Tour Guide To Fun.