All American Soap Box Derby

all-american-soapbox-derby-akron-ohioFirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship Race admission is approximately $5.

Akron’s All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship Race in Akron, Ohio is sponsored by First Energy. Held every July, this world famous race has run since 1934. The World Championship finals are comprised of more than 550 qualifiers from states around the U.S. and several foreign countries. The race has more than 10,000 spectators who attend annually and over 1,500 volunteers every year. The race features boy and girl drivers from ages 7-20, who compete in one of three different divisions in these “gravity” races for scholarships and other prizes. Race week at Derby Downs race track is filled with many activities. The race encourages young people to take in the true spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship of the derby’s history. With decades of race history, every year at the FirstEnergy All-American Soup Box Derby World Championship is a new, exciting all-day event that has been enjoyed by thousands for generations.