America’s Greatest Tourist Trap

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Okay, we embarked on an all-day power drive to The Badlands. My wife always picks out pitstops to break up the drive for the kids (all of us) to see something roadside and quirky. This day would bring two notable detours. The first was the world’s only corn palace in Mitchell, SD, which was said to attract half a million tourists annually.

The other may be the greatest tourist trap in history.

Way back in Minnesota, we spotted the first sign: Wall Drug – 355 miles.

It was followed by periodic signs stretching across three states along I-90 West that read:

  • Wall Drug – Since 1931
  • Wall Drug – Coffee 5 Cents
  • 291 Miles to Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Cowboy Orchestra Daily
  • Wall Drug – Featured on the Today Show
  • Hooked on Wall Drug
  • New T Rex at Wall Drug
  • Be Yourself at Wall Drug
  • Homemade Pie at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Sheriff on duty
  • Old-fashioned Soda Fountain at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Western Oil Paintings
  • Homemade Ice Cream at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Free Ice Water
  • Rx Museum at Wall Drug
  • Have You Dug Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug: A National Treasure
  • Save Energy – Stop at Wall Drug
  • Something to crow about at Wall Drug
  • 150 Miles to Wall Drug
  • Camping Supplies at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Rock Supplies
  • Take Picture of Buffalo at Wall Drug
  • It’s a Blast at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Advertised on London Buses
  • Homemade Donuts at Wall Drug
  • Leather Goods at Wall Drug
  • Wallways in Season
  • Wall Drug – Western Home Decore
  • YOLO Wall Drug
  • Chuck Wagon Quartet at Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug – Homemade breakfast & rolls
  • Wall Buys Rocks
  • Find Us at
  • Wall drug as Told by Time
  • Wall Drug – Boots, Buckles, Belts
  • Just Ahead – Wall Drug
  • Don’t Miss Out – Wall Drug
  • Wall Drug Next Two Exits
  • Welcome to Wall, SD – Home of Wall Drug
  • Glad You Made It – Wall Drug

These are just some of the billboards. Quotes may not be exact. After all, we were traveling at about 75 miles per hour.

So, after all that. Tell me you wouldn’t roll off the exit and into Wall, SD, for a peak to see what this phenomenon is all about. We did. Now it’s your turn.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun! 

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