Athens, Ohio

Athens, Ohio vs. Athens, Greece
Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

This month, while traveling around the world in Ohio, we discovered Athens.  That’s Athens, Ohio, not Athens, Greece. But we’ll tell you about both anyway.

The wealth of scenic splendor and abundant places to explore is just the beginning of all that this gem offers.  Flourishing arts and music scenes, fantastic festivals, a rich history, and much more abound – in Athens – Ohio of course!

When settlers first discovered what was to become Athens County, native Adena Indians inhabited the Appalachian foothills. They had built an extensive network of burial and ceremonial mounds. As the population of settlers grew, canals, railroads, mines, and the first university in the Northwest Territory were founded. All since have contributed to the area’s rich history.

Athens, Ohio area is a destination for a broad range of interests. Its Southern Ohio hospitality and beautiful landscape throughout the Hocking Valley beckons visitors. Very few destinations offer such a diverse mix of leisure activities and entertainment. There’s rock climbing, kayaking, and skateboarding for the more adventurous. Then there’re historic sites, a scenic railway, 19 covered bridges, museums, cultural centers, more than 20 state parks, and fun-filled festivals.

Athens – it’s a magical place – whether it’s in Ohio or Greece!

The enchanting capital of Greece has always been the birthplace of civilization and is the city with the most glorious history in the world. It is where democracy and most wise men of ancient times were born.

The most important civilization of the ancient world flourished in Athens, Greece, and is relived today through superb architectural masterpieces such as the Acropolis of Athens.

Today it is Greece’s political, social, cultural, financial, and commercial center. The climate is one of the best in Europe, with mild winters and very hot summers, ideal for tourism.

Athens has always attracted people’s attention. During the 2004 Olympic Games, it proved that. The return of the Olympic Games to its motherland was a great success.

The capital is famous, more than any other European capital, for its nightlife.  The options for entertainment satisfy all tastes. The famous bouzouki are leaders in Athenian entertainment. While theaters all around Athens offer a different type of entertainment. Athens is a divine city. Lend yourself to its magic.

To plan a trip to Athens, Greece, visit And if you aren’t quite ready for the overseas Athens, stick close to home and plan a visit to Athens, Ohio, by calling 1-800-878-9767 or 740-592-1819 or logging on here.

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