Ready for Baking Season?

The holiday season is just around the corner. From Halloween to the New Year, a lot of celebrating comes with these last three months of the year. And with it comes a lot of cooking and baking.

The secret to wowing your holiday guests with mouth-watering taste is definitely in the ingredients.

It’s no secret that many Amish recipes at Amish are scrumptious. But buyer beware; there are plenty of faux Amish labels that may be the difference between party success and party mess. Authenticity means a willingness to journey to a place where, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Welcome to the modest, rustic Amish shop renowned the country over for having superb ingredients to create wonders in your kitchen. Welcome to Yoders Bakery and Furniture, tucked off Ohio State Route 32 in Seaman at the edge of Appalachia.

The authentic Amish-owned and operated marketplace features a full bakery, deli, and grocery. Aside from their full line of ingredients for cooking and baking in the bulk foods section of the store, the bakery has a wide variety of freshness coming from the ovens to the shelves and gone by day’s end. Whether you crave pies, cinnamon rolls, or fresh-baked bread, the aroma floating in the air says it all.

Peanut butter pretzels will be lucky if they make it to the parking lot without being devoured. Next to the bakery is the full-line deli where you can pack a cooler with a wide variety of cheese and meat selections to bring back home or go out to the shade trees and have yourself an autumn picnic while the kids play on Amish-made playground sets.

Fill a grocery basket with bulk food selections for baking or cooking at home, including hard-to-find ingredients. The store also sells an enormous selection of canned foods, sugar-free foods, and old-fashioned candies.

That’s just the appetizer.

If you need to dress up your meal or dessert presentation, Yoder’s also specializes in Amish-made baskets, candles, quilts, and even dining tables, plus much more. This is not a quick trip to a big box store. This is a leisurely day spent tantalizing the senses.

Lots of jokes surround fruitcake gifts around the holiday season – but at Yoders, it’s serious business!

Yoder fruitcakes have created a legend of their own – in deliciousness. That’s why the modest Amish shop gets orders nationwide. That’s why it is best to order early in the fall season.

This is not a quick trip to a big box store. This is a place for leisure shopping to find that one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for even the most finicky person to shop for.

If, in the holiday hustle and bustle, you don’t find an afternoon to escape the stresses of “convenience” shopping, there’s always mail-order – albeit, it comes without the pleasantries of visiting an out-of-the-way Amish landmark.

Yoder’s Bakery and Furniture is at 2621 Burnt Cabin Road off SR 32 in Seaman, Ohio. They are open Monday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Closed on Sunday). Call 937-386-9995 or visit

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