Berlin, Ohio

Berlin, Ohio vs. Berlin, Germany
Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

This month, while traveling around the world in Ohio, we discovered Berlin. That’s Berlin, Ohio not Berlin, Germany. But we’ll tell you about both anyway.

Berliners welcome their guests with a Berlinizer button to show they really know all about the city and many can speak a multitude of languages. As you can tell, we’re talking about Berlin, Germany, not Berlin, Ohio.

This historic city is full of contrast. It features historic and modern attractions amidst Prussian monuments and new architecture. The city has attractions throughout but maybe less so in West Berlin. East of Brandenburg Gate, there’s probably the most to see and do. In October, there’s the Festival of Lights, when spectacular light installations at Berlin’s most famous landmarks will be presented. The Bode-Museum and  WinterMagic Berlin are also traditional favorites. This period offers a wide range of top-class cultural events, attractions, more than 50 Christmas markets, festive illuminations, shopping opportunities, and more to lure and enchant you.

Much like the Amish who left Germany, let’s now explore Berlin, Ohio in Holmes County.

Berlin, Ohio, is a world apart from Berlin, Germany. The small town best known for its excellent shopping beckons anyone entering the township limits to slow down and stay awhile. And why not? It’s a great place to be, especially in autumn!

Whether it’s shopping at the Berlin Antique & Craft Mall, seeing how cheese is made, rubbing elbows with the Amish, eating the best home-made food, or spending a quiet night in a quaint bed and breakfast, this corner of the Earth is a hot spot for travelers just the same.

Gugisberg Cheese is the home of the Original Baby Swiss, and they have delighted visitors with tours and samples for years.

Schrock’s Amish Farm & Village provides a tour of Grandpa’s house, Amish buggy rides, and patronage at the state’s largest year-round Christmas shop.

Yoder’s Country Store features Amish-made baskets, pottery, dolls, wood crafts, jams, and baked goods just in time for the holidays around the corner.

The lodging options in Berlin, Ohio, are vast. It features anything from just down-home living to the elegant and romantic stay laden with modern amenities…and hot tubs.

Of course, the main course may be the wonderful delectable restaurants like Troyer’s Country Dining, family-operated by former Old-Order Amish and home of the famous “Bag Apple Pie.”

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