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At Romantic Adventure Getaways
You’ll discover the Best Date Night

The first overnight escape room combined with a luxury resort in the country is housed in a Scooby Doo Mansion full of mysteries and the largest bed in Ohio, among many other delights.

Romantic Adventure Getaways, a mini resort 54 miles Northeast of Columbus, Ohio, strives to become one of Ohio’s most romantic getaway locations for your date night fun.  This 1840s brick mansion is the first ever to combine the secret passages, trap doors, tunnels, and slides of a Scooby Doo Mansion with clues & riddles from an escape room with the luxury experiences found at resorts. The results are private Hollywood decor suites that have a choose-your-own-adventure feel, which leads couples on a night of amazing adventure.

Touted as one of the “Best Date Nights Ever!”, this action-packed experience has guests entering the lobby of a mansion that holds three private themed suites with a code they are sent.  The magic begins once they find their private suite and enter another code!  Following the clues and riddles presented, couples work together to find hidden entrances to numerous rooms inside their private suite that soon becomes their pampered oasis of pleasure.

There are three suites to choose from:  The King Louis XIV Suite, The Genie Romance Suite, and Paradise Lost.

Each suite is themed with music, lighting, and ambient décor, along with gadgets and gizmos that make furniture pieces come alive and open passageways and reveal secrets.  The King Louis Suite boasts the Versaille Bed, the largest bed in Ohio.  In the headboard is a James Bond briefcase containing riddles and clues that, when solved, make the bed interactive and present presents.   It also contains the Prom Night Room queued with a couple’s wedding or favorite song that they have to dance to reveal the next experience.

The Genie Romance Suite has a flying carpet bed that actually flies when guests release a magic lever.   This suite contains the Chocolate Fundue Room, The Cupping Therapy Room, The Karaoke Room, and The Flying Carpet Selfie Challenge.  Its tub is designed to make massive mounds of bubbles, allowing guests to get lost in “A Whole New World” of bubbly fun!

Paradise Lost, which opens in June, has guests going on an Indiana Jones quest full of challenges that lead to these rooms:  The Amazon Butterfly Massage Chair Forest, The Ionic Foot Detox Tiki Room, The Pottery Room (guests take home pottery they make), The Waterfall Love Vow Alter where couples write and read their admirations to each other and The Jungle Bed chalked full of surprises including the legendary Purring Tiger 2000 (it promises to make you laugh when you find it!).

The immersion provided by the themed suites allows guests to easily forget about the day-to-day routine and become focused on one another as the clues and riddles force them to connect to get to their next luxury experience.

Couples typically drive two to three hours for their stay and plan their trip in advance with reservations to one of the top steakhouses in the country, the Alcove. They arrive precisely at 5 pm and then experience a few rooms, get fancied up, walk to the restaurant, and then return to unravel the rest of the surprises in store for them.

Being the first overnight escape room combined with a luxury resort in the country, guests are booking well in advance.  Some suites are sold out on weekends.  Booking in advance is highly recommended.

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