Brews-N-Vines Trail

Check Out the Grand Lake Brews-N-Vines Trail Experience

This excerpt is from a past edition of OhioTraveler

It’s patio season, and that is the perfect time to check out the new, enhanced Grand Lake Brews-N-Vines Trail.  If there is anything better than hand-crafted coffee creations, locally made wines, and specially brewed craft beers, it may be enjoying those beverages in the fresh air with lots of sunshine…or moonlight.

Download your free passport at  and (while supplies last) pick up a free starter kit. Visit the venues along the trail and earn points you can redeem for a Brews-N-Vine t-shirt and/or a Brews-N-Vines ball cap. With 11 months to finish the trail, this can become a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family. You will find that each venue has its particular charm and hospitality.  These locally owned small businesses take pride in their products and are genuinely happy to have you stop by for a sip or two.

The trail includes breweries: Moeller Brew Barn, Tailspin Brewery, Lake Rat Brewing, Gongoozlers Brewery, and Second Crossing Brew Co.  You will also enjoy the wineries: 5 Vines Winery, The Winery at Versailles, The Vineyard at Evergreen Farm and GR8 Vines Winery. Finally, all you coffee lovers, you’re covered.  The coffeehouses on the trail are Winans Chocolates + Coffee (Wapakoneta and Maria Stein), New Bremen Coffee Company, Hazelnut Coffee, Rooster Joe Coffee & Co., Brew Nation, and Cozy Cabin Café.

Enjoy the Brews-N-Vines Trail quest through the Grand Lake Region, and if you’d like to know more about the area and the other fun and interesting things to see or do, you can check it out at

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