Bring Back The Family Roadtrip

Save the day with a love-restoring getaway

Here, you decide your story. Every hill and curve promises adventure. You pass the county line sign and sense that buggies are near. Do you: follow the dirt road down the driveway with a hand-painted sign for baskets and eggs? Follow the sporty AWD complete with kayaks and “trees-are-friends” bumper stickers? Follow your nose to discover the origin of that intriguing aroma reminiscent of apple? Every route leads to a new adventure. Which road will you take?

There are no wrong choices in Ohio Amish Country. Pursue your day with a vigorous spirit and know that you’ll make a memory. A turn down that drive to find baskets takes you to a chat with an Amish family weeding their produce patch. That sporty AWD leads you to the tree-tops for a zip-lining trip you’ll never forget. And the nose knows it’s apple pie. That smell carries you straight to the source of deliciousness where you sample the day away on pastries and pies. There’s a tale here for you.

There are vacation horror stories and vacation heroes. One fun-filled trip to Ohio Amish Country and your kids will suddenly see that secret superhero cape tucked into your mom jeans or trailing your dad bod. Load the kids onto a horse-drawn wagon ride through the hills to feed potbellied piggies and even giraffes. Pick your own berries and pumpkins. Watch a magic show or tour a one-room Amish schoolhouse and country barn. Sample fresh-made chocolates or rank your favorite fry pie flavors.

Bring your bikes for a ride along the rails-to-trails. You will probably spot cool critters and kid smiles on the route. Fish, tube, or float your way through summer afternoons. Drop into town for a double-dip of ice cream, the hallmark treat of true superhero parents. After a day of adventuring, you deserve that hug from your teenager.

Do your senior folks need a break from retirement? There is plenty of entertainment for them, too. Hike through the day or find a bench along the wetlands for birdwatching. Museums dedicated to Amish history tell the fascinating story of the area. Or tour an Amish home and learn how some of the locals really live.

A family-style dinner and a stop at one of the theater shows are a perfect end to the day. Amish Country has experiences for night owls but caters to the early birds. Your folks have earned the right to simmer down and cozy up in their B&B by twilight.

Gal pals or bromance. Best friends or new friends. Kids, partner, or pet. An Amish Country vacation — long or short — will bring about a bonding experience. Some adventures are constructed from adrenaline. Others are woven together through the easy moments experienced with dear companions. This place is about escaping the mundane and embracing the life you have with the ones you love. In Amish Country, you will never be asked to see your superhero credentials.

Looking for inspiration as you plan your next stay? Go to and see all that awaits you in Amish Country.

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