Captain Hook’s Tomb

Admission to Captain Hook’s Tomb is free.

  • Location: (Map It) Old Brick Cemetery in Stockport, Ohio off State Route 376
  • Phone: 740-962-5861

Captain Hook’s Tomb in Stockport:  Captain Isaac Newton Hook (1819-1906) decided to design his own grave, according to legend, with a point on top so his wife wouldn’t dance on it. However, contrary to legend, a lady claiming to be one of Captain Hook’s great granddaughters says the tomb was built with a rounded top so his wife could not dance on it, as the story goes. It did not have a point. There is a small platform on top where he had a boat sitting, to take him away in case of a flood. There was indeed a flood, which took the boat away. Whether or not he was in it, is anyone’s guess.