Chasing Pavements

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The evening was ripe with life and laughter strolling the pavements of an outdoor marketplace. Evening diners with spirits and appetizers chattered. Beyond their reach, a twenty-dollar bill appeared. A college-age kid with his girl was stunned by the sight. He pointed for her attention before swooping down to seize the unexpected bounty. Just as he did so, the wind moved it just beyond his grasp. He quickly adjusted and went for it again.

Damn, wind. It skirted the cement top just out of reach again.

By now, every patio patron and passerby had taken intermission to their life course to watch this peculiarity unfolding. The young man, who may have been used to being a spectacle in a positive sense, drew unwanted attention. He went into athlete mode so as not to be defeated. Coming up empty-handed was no longer an option. This trophy would be his for all to see. And just as he attacked the bill, his girl tugged at his shirt a bit too late as she caught on.

The bill moved, and the young man moved with it. Both scampered the pavement to the howling laughter of, well, everyone but him. His girl giggled, too. The bill kept moving until it climbed into the lap of an old-timer reeling it in on an invisible string.

The young man met eyes with the old man and realized he was had. They both shared in the laughter that infected the scene. The younger guy shook a naughty finger at the old guy. The old guy returned with a wink.

As the young couple walked off, the crowd applauded, and his girl kissed his cheek and nestled her head into the crook of his neck.

Life was good.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun! 

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“Wrong Turns Write Life”

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