Chillicothe: Where To Be!

As the rolling Appalachian foothills grow closer, you know you are arriving in the charming town of Chillicothe in southern Ohio. Nestled in these hills are exciting and fun experiences just waiting for your arrival. From action-packed productions to exquisite, scenic views from more than 200 miles of trails, there is plenty of entertainment and activities to keep the whole family engaged.

Summer in Chillicothe offers unique sounds, from the relaxing chirping of birds in the forests to the exciting cannon fire from the annual “Tecumseh!” Outdoor Drama. Together these create the perfect soundtrack for your visit. Reconnecting with nature and relaxing in the great outdoors can be found at any of the five State Parks and National Park and numerous city and county parks. As you traverse along the trails, you are rewarded with breathtaking views such as the vertical cliffs of sandstone and shale that descend into the beautiful Paint Creek Gorge at Buzzard’s Roost Nature Preserve. Just stepping out of your car at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park will transport you back 2,000 years ago when Native Americans lived on the land. You will walk along the passages that this ancient culture did when they constructed the massive earthen mounds and walled enclosures. The Hopewell Culture used these sites for gatherings and celebrations, but much remains a mystery about this prehistoric culture as archaeologists continue to discover new findings.

Evenings are supercharged with excitement at Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre for the nightly production of the “Tecumseh!” Outdoor Drama. It brings to life the epic story of Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, as he defends his native homelands. As you sit beneath the starry southern Ohio sky, you’ll become surrounded by the story with galloping horses entering along the sides, expertly choreographed action scenes, and a superb storyline that connects and resonates with the audience.

While in town, let your palate participate in your getaway by enjoying the local flavors! You’ll find everything from savory, smoky barbeque to a retro diner experience to sweet treats from neighborhood bakeries. Many of these can be found in the revitalized historic downtown district in Chillicothe. As you stroll along the streets, you can quench your thirst with flavorful coffee from one of the many coffee shops or find your new favorite craft beer. Explore the many other communities throughout the county to find unique flavors, including the local winery, where you can enjoy live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays.

Time your visit with one of the many festivals or events throughout the summer. You can watch as rally cars zip through courses at area forests during the Southern Ohio Forest Rally, sit back and observe how drivers handle obstacle courses at the annual Ohio Jeep Fest, or simply enjoy the small-town charm of the Frankfort Sunflower Festival and become part of the community for the weekend. If you enjoy America’s favorite pastimes, come to the V.A. Memorial Stadium as the Chillicothe Paints take on another top collegiate team from the Prospect League. It makes for a fun and exciting evening.

Whether you want to explore historic sites, relax with outdoor recreation, or have a combined experience, Chillicothe is a perfect getaway. You can start planning your ideal escape by visiting the Ross-Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website or downloading the official Visit Chillicothe Ohio mobile app. You can create a personalized plan to ensure that you don’t miss any of your must-see sites and activities.

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