Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Photo by Grahm S. Jones / Provided by Columbus Zoo

Admission to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is approx. $35/person.

  • Open: Usually daily from about 9am – 5pm.
  • Location: (Map It) 4850 W. Powell Rd. in Powell, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-645-3400
  • Web:

Welcome to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium:  Visitors of all ages find adventure in naturalistic wildlife habitats with hundreds of species from around the globe. See the world-famous gorilla family, experience one of the three venues outside the state of Florida to house and rehabilitate manatees, and see the Zoo that Jack Hanna made famous. The newest region is Asia Quest, and true to its name, every experience is a quest to find the amazing diversity of animals, including sun bears, giant fruit bats, Siberian tigers, langur monkeys, and the world’s largest snake in a zoo, a python named “Fluffy”. The 100,000-gallon Discovery Reef also features colorful fish and unique sharks.

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