Cooper’s Mill

Welcome to Cooper’s Mill in Bucyrus.

  • Open: Monday – Saturday from 9am – 6pm (Closes at 5pm on Saturday).
  • Location: (Map It) 1414 N. Sandusky Ave. in Bucyrus, Ohio
  • Phone: 800-708-4215
  • Web: click here

Hop over to Cooper’s Mill and see apples and berries go from the vine to spread. Cooper’s apple butter and jellies are sold far and wide. But David Cooper isn’t lying when he says, “It’s just like grandma used to make,” because it is. David learned to make apple butter at his grandma’s farm. Later, he bought a stirring pot and began making his own. Demand grew, and a business was formed to handle the requests. For years the mixing was done by hand – David’s father-in-law’s hands – out in the yard. Today, the Cooper’s offer a complete behind-the-scenes tour of the entire production process, and visitors get to witness the freshness, quality, and care that go into every jar. Afterward, David’s wife Miriam has plenty of tasting stations for sampling throughout the country store next to the production plant. Inside, a new generation of Cooper’s is introducing another treat – fudge.

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