Cornering Childhood Memories

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If you mention the intersection of Memphis Avenue and Tiedeman Road to most Clevelanders you will probably evoke a big “Huh?” Until, that is, you mention Memphis Kiddie Park. The iconic children’s amusement park has been located where Tiedeman dead ends in Memphis for the past seven decades. Selling its first ticket on May 28, 1952, Memphis Kiddie Park was one of a few kiddielands in the greater Cleveland area. Over time, and for various reasons, all of the others shuttered, except for Memphis Kiddie Park which is still going strong. And thanks to I-480 and a busy cloverleaf at Tiedeman, Memphis Kiddie Park has never been more accessible to all of Northeast Ohio.

Memphis Kiddie Park is truly one-of-a-kind. Its whole point is to appeal to small children without the noise or intimidation of teenagers and adults found at larger theme parks. With 11 mechanized rides from a traditional Merry-Go-Round to North America’s oldest steel track kiddie coaster, the Little Dipper, one may think of Memphis Kiddie Park as the “training wheels for Cedar Point”. Add to that a miniature golf for the whole family and a concession stand featuring the best Hot Dogs and Funnel Cakes in the County. And, because Memphis Kiddie Park caters to small children, access is easy and affordable, parking is free, there is no gate fee for anyone, and rides are just one ticket per ride for each rider. If it’s too hot for your child or there are unexpected rain showers (it is Cleveland after all), no problem. Tickets never expire so you can come back as often as you like without the steep penalty of a gate fee and parking.

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