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Tuscarawas County’s history begins with settlers exploring the Ohio frontier and arriving in the springtime of the year 1772. They experienced the lush beauty, recognized the fertile soil surrounding the Tuscarawas River, and established Schoenbrunn Village, its name meaning “Beautiful Spring”. Today, Historic Schoenbrunn Village welcomes you to walk in the footprints of those first Ohio residents and to visit the reconstructed first church and first schoolhouse on that early Ohio frontier. The original cemetery in the village honors the lives of the 600 plus residents that resided there, including Delaware Indians who became Christianized through the teachings of Moravian missionary David Zeisberger, the leader of the village.

Following a daytime tour of Historic Schoenbrunn Village, plan to attend the live, outdoor drama, Trumpet in the Land, Ohio’s longest-running outdoor historical drama, in the evening. July 2 kicks off their 52nd season. After a 2020 hiatus last summer (due to an abundance of caution surrounding the pandemic), general manager Margaret Bonamico said, “We are glad to be back; our cast and crew are looking forward to presenting a summer schedule designed to appeal to anyone looking for a wide variety of entertainment options.“

Trumpet in the Land is an epic outdoor production using song, dance, comedy, drama, and fiery pyrotechnics to tell the inspiring story of the founding of Schoenbrunn, Ohio’s first settlement during the tumultuous Revolutionary War.

The Trumpet cast performs other shows throughout their abbreviated season, which concludes August 14. Show patrons will enjoy performances of: A Grand Night for Singing; The Sound of Music; 25 Years of Broadway; and Greased Lightning. For more information or tickets, contact the Trumpet in the Land Box Office at 330-339-1132.

Tuscarawas County is in the middle of the lush rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio. Its treed terrain reminded early Swiss immigrants of their homeland in Switzerland, and soon they established dairy farms for their Swiss Cheese operations, many of which were in the Sugarcreek area. Current Amish residents now farm those same fields creating a confluence of culture and heritage for travelers to experience. Spend time in downtown Sugarcreek strolling past the murals decorating the facades of many of the buildings that depict life in Switzerland. Enjoy the music from the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock at its band The Hilltoppers as they perform on the top and bottom of every hour! Afterwards, immerse yourself in the local history as you examine the hand-carved Brick Wall Sculpture, and explore the Amish and Swiss exhibits of the Alpine Hills Museum located in the downtown area as well.

See the Amish life in a new light on stage at the Ohio Star Theater. This beautiful theater is just outside Sugarcreek on the campus of the Carlisle Inn, and Dutch Valley Restaurant and Bakery. This season, theater attendees will be delighted by the musical performance of “The Best of Me”. Being Amish wasn’t easy at times for Rachel Miller. Crooked quilts, burnt homemade bread, and a small, quiet town have her longing to trade in “Amish apple dumplings” for the “Big Apple” in hopes of becoming a Broadway star. Knowing nothing of acting other than a few shows she had seen on the bakery’s TVs, will Rachel find out that the lights of the concrete jungle don’t hold a candle to the life on the farm she wanted to leave?

You’ll laugh a lot and cry a little as you follow an Amish girl, a fading Broadway star, and a handsome stranger in their quest to find the best of themselves. For more information and tickets, contact the Ohio Star Theater at 855-344-7547.

You will be amazed at the artistry of Ernest “Mooney” Warther, another Tuscarawas County legend. Using a pocket knife he found and a discarded piece of bone, Mooney created his first carving at a tender young age. As time went on, his carvings advanced to exacting scale-size replicas of steam locomotives. His works have been valued as priceless by the Smithsonian Institute. While you are at the museum, be sure to stroll through the Swiss-style gardens, which have recently been awarded a Level 1 Arboretum status.

The Dennison Railroad Depot Museum is housed within the original 1873 Dennison Depot; other museum exhibits are housed in train cars giving visitors a natural feel for train travel in the early years of transportation. The true legacy of the Dennison Railroad Depot is in the stories of the 1.3 million US troops who traveled through. They were greeted with smiles, cookies, and coffee through train car windows while the engines were quickly refilled with water before the young soldiers continued their journey to the WWII war front. A family-friendly visit to the museum leaves a lasting impression on all who learn the museum stories.

Round out your visit to Tuscarawas County with a carousel ride at Tuscora Park! It’s memorable fun for the whole family! Did you know that Jeremiah E. Reeves constructed Tuscora Park for his family in the early 1900s?  Now owned by the City of New Philadelphia and operated by a local non-profit organization, this community cornerstone continues to entertain visitors as it has for over 100 years. Visit the JE Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum to learn more about this early philanthropic entrepreneur.

With so much experience in the county from legends to downtown shopping, its wineries and breweries, mural, trails, and local dining, plan to stay a few days to create your own legendary experience truly! For more information contact: or 800-527-3387.

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