Float Troy: Tents on the Water


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Float Troy, Where Floating on the River
and Tent Camping Collide

Ohio’s first and only public floating-tent experience!

Thousands of people spend time on the Great Miami River, one of only 22 national water trails, every year…canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to camp on the river? In Troy, Ohio, outdoor enthusiasts can experience Ohio’s first and only public floating-tent experience.

Located at Treasure Island Park, in Troy, the Float Troy experience, uses Shoal floating tents manufactured in Miami County by Smithfly. A first of its kind, the Shoal Tent is an inflatable, floating raft with a tent topper that allows campers to sleep out on the water. The tents come inflated, anchored, and ready to use with several amenities to provide an enjoyable experience. In addition to the tent, each rental includes a kayak or raft to travel to and from the shore, oars, and life vests. Do not forget to bring the Smores supplies…there are four floating fire pits located in the river near the tents and are available free of charge. In addition, there are two grills, a shelter, and restrooms on the shore for all Float Troy guests. To learn more about Float Troy or request a tent, visit www.float-troy.com.

Along the Great Miami River is the Great Miami Recreational Trail, which is part of the nation’s largest paved trail network. Campers should bring their bikes and running shoes because they will want to take advantage of having the bike path so close. It’s okay if you don’t own a bike, J & D Bicycles is located right across the street from Treasure Island Park and offers bike rentals. To round out your outdoor adventures, in addition to the river and the recreational trail, Miami County is filled with fantastic parks, waterfalls, and Brukner Nature Center where you can hike, bird watch, and learn about a variety of animals. Brukner also has some very special animal ambassadors that love to see visitors.

If you prefer to sample the local fare rather than roast hot dogs over the fire, downtown Troy, and Miami County, offer a variety of local restaurants to fit anyone’s taste buds. From tacos and steak to burgers and milkshakes, everyone in the group will be happy. And, make sure to check out the local shops while in any of the nearby historic downtown communities…you never know what treasures you will find.

Often, if the timing is right, an overnight in the shoal tent coincides with one of Troy’s summer concerts. When this happens, visitors can enjoy the music or watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July right from the tent or in a kayak on the river. In addition to summer concerts, there are events happening all summer long throughout Miami County. Before visiting, check out the current list of events on the visitor bureau’s website here.

For additional information on places to see, things to do and where to eat and shop while in Miami County, visit www.homegrowngreat.com and start planning your adventure today.

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