Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky

The Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio

  • Location: 4600 Milan Road (U.S. 250) in Sandusky, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-609-6000 or 1-888-779-2327
  • Web:

Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio (originally called “Great Bear Lodge”) is the smallest waterpark of the current three at 33,000 square feet. However, with a total of 9 slides and 5 pools, a 25-foot rock climbing wall, a toddler tree house area, and an arts-and-crafts playhouse in the lodge itself, it still has a lot to offer. I especially like the adult-only hot tub tucked away in a corner!

Our family has stayed at Great Wolf Lodge several times and one of my favorite things about it has been the lobby. Really! This space is very homey, despite its Paul Bunyanesque size, and lodge guests are encouraged to use it as an auxiliary living room. It’s a very pleasant spot to hang out too, with a large fireplace, several comfy seating areas grouped around coffee tables large enough for a rousing board game (available at the reservation desk), a coffee cart, and a two-story animated clock tower that puts on regular shows.

During one stay, I spotted an elderly man in the lobby in flannel PJs, robe, and slippers, reading the morning newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee as he sat by the fire. I’ve also seen solitary adults reading and enjoying the quiet, a foursome playing cards, a crowd of pajama-clad tots listening to the nightly bedtime story, several families watching the clock tower show, and (in the lodge’s annual December Snowland celebration) guests singing Christmas carols under real-looking snow falling from the lobby ceiling while they waited for Santa to arrive.

For me, the lobby’s crowning touch is the mounted moose head on the wall that sings at timed intervals, never failing to draw a crowd of amazed kids and amused adults. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a stuffed animal head singing “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby” in a voice that sounds just like Barry White!

The other thing I really enjoy about Great Wolf Lodge is the food. Whether you have a drink and appetizers in the Gitchigoomie Grill while seated under the authentic aeroplane that hangs from the ceiling or you enjoy a family-style meal in Lumber Jack’s Cook Shanty, you won’t be disappointed – the food in both places is excellent. In fact, the burgers in the grill are the best I’ve ever eaten!

A nice touch in the grill is the kid’s menu, which offers goodies like hamburgers and hot dogs, mac & cheese, and PB&J, along with drinks for childish palates, made of ingredients like lemonade, ice cream, piña colada mix, and juices. They even offer an appetizer plate with taste treats like peanut butter pinwheels with jelly dip and strawberries with fruit dip. How cool is that? – Review written by Betty Winslow.