Have A Sunny Day in Coshocton

Summer is nearly over, but nothing is slowing down in Coshocton County! There are tours to do, places to visit, and events to experience. Enjoy some downtime before school begins again with a lovely, gorgeous trip to Coshocton.

The self-guided Living History Tour in Historic Roscoe Village is one can’t-miss attraction while visiting. Tickets are available for purchase at the Historic Roscoe Village Visitors Center. It supplies the group with a key that accesses each building, allowing for opportunities to stop in shops, sit down at a restaurant to eat, or even take time to explore each historic site fully! Enjoy the videos at each stop along the way to learn the historical significance of each building. Visitors can make crafts at the Hay Activity Building, such as making candles or ropes or learning how to weave on a loom. Keep the historic feel rolling with a 45-minute canal ride as visitors learn about life during canal days. The Monticello III runs until mid-October on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 1 P.M., 2 P.M., 3 P.M., and 4 P.M., weather permitting. One final thing on the road to preparing for back-to-school is school shopping. While everyone understands the appeal of going to department stores for things such as pens, notebooks, and binders–save the rest of the list for small, independently owned shops. Coshocton is home to many unique and charming shops, which can be found here.

An annual fan favorite in Coshocton is the Sunflower Festival at Coshocton’s KOA! It’s held every year in August, with the Sippin’ on Sunshine being the event that kicks off the festival on August 6, 2022, and it allows for patrons to sample different wines and beers throughout the sunflower field. There are dates to explore the field with everyone in mind, with the main festival being August 12-14 and the Final Flowers weekend being August 20-21. These weekends will all have live music, food trucks, craft vendors, and a cash bar. There are also Early Weekdays and Late Weekdays for those who want time to enjoy the fields and take pictures quietly. These events do not offer live music or food trucks, but they do have refreshments and merchandise available. Also, every ticket purchased in the duration of the entire festival allows the ticket holder to receive one sunflower of their choosing–with dozens of varieties to select from. To purchase tickets ahead of time or learn more about the festival, check out www.coshoctonsunflowerfestival.com!

Coshocton is a busy place that offers unique events every season. For more information on planning an amazing trip, please visit Coshocton Visitors Bureau’s website to keep an eye on events and attractions!

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