Have You Lost Your Marbles?

EnterTRAINment Junction May Have Found Them
at One of the Largest Marble Exhibits in the World

You’ve got your bonkers, mashers, thumpers, plumpers, bumbos, hoggers and toe-breakers. Know what they are? They are all nicknames for… marbles!

If you knew that, you must be a marble afficianado, and if you are a marble fan you don’t want to miss one of most unique and complete marble collections in the world at EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester, Ohio. The incredible marble exhibit “A Marbleous Life” has just been added as a permanent exhibit.

This collection was donated to EnterTRAINment Junction by Larry and Cathy Svacina of Kansas City, Missouri, two of the nation’s most esteemed collectors and experts in all things marbles. Cathy Svacina is known worldwide as “The Marble Lady” and she and her husband and their collection have been featured in People Magazine, USA Today, Women’s World Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, and U.S. News and World Report. Their marbles also have even been featured on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel and even in Hollywood films such as “Goonies,” “Hook,” and “Home Alone.”

The new permanent marble display at EnterTRAINment Junction will be both fun and educational for families. Visitors can see all the different styles and color of marbles, learn marble history and trivia, play marble games and see an amazing kinetic marble sculpture.

No one really knows where marbles originated. They’ve been found in the ashes of Pompeii and in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and they were played with by Native American tribes. For centuries artisans made marbles by hand from clay, stone, or glass. Mass production became possible in 1884, when Sam Dyke of Akron, Ohio, used a manufacturing method to make marbles by machines.

The game of Marbles may be the oldest game on earth. Marbles can be used for a variety of games called marbles.

Marbles are even popular in today’s computer, internet and video games such as Marble Madness, Marble Blast Gold, Kororinpa and Marble Drop. Other games that use marbles include Marble Solitaire, Aggravation, Chinese Checkers, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Ker Plunk.

The “Marble Lady” Cathy Svacina is known around the globe. She has made marble presentations for groups of all ages both in the US and Canada, as well as in Europe, Japan and Mexico. She is often called upon to identify and/or appraise marbles for museums, archaeologists, and auctioneers. She is author of the book, “Knuckles Down! A Fun Guide to Marble Play,” and has also participated and been a referee at city, state, national and world marble championship tournaments.

The new marble exhibit at EnterTRAINment Junction is in the family entertainment center’s large Expo Center. The exhibit is free to the public.

EnterTRAINment Junction, winner of numerous tourist attraction awards, is home to the world’s largest indoor model train display, the Amaze-N-FunHouse, an incredible replica of old Coney Island, and much more. To plan your visit, go to www.entertrainmentjunction.com.

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