Hocking Hills Canopy Tours Wins Award



Hocking Hills Canopy Tours: Not only is Hocking Hills Canopy Tours a STANDOUT in Ohio Tourism, it’s a standout in zip lining circles nationwide! This “World-Class” destination is what zip lining was meant to be – an absolutely exhilarating experience amidst breathtaking beauty. Even with the professional guides, jaw-dropping zip lines a plenty, panoramic natural beauty and hours of fun there’s more. The SuperZip™ is over a quarter mile long and reaches 50 miles per hour. You can also zip in darkness. At the other end of the spectrum is the Dragonfly tour for little kids. Learn more at hockinghillscanopytours.com.

This award recognizes Ohio’s standouts in tourism. More details about the award and all award recipients are at ohiotraveler.com/standouts-in-ohio-tourism/.


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