Hocking Hills Ice Formations are a STANDOUT in TOURISM


Hocking Ice : The pure natural beauty of ice formations at Hocking Hills State Parks is a standout in Ohio tourism, bar none! Waterfalls freeze creating an ice cone extending upward like a mini mountain and also downward from the top of the falls, sometimes connecting to create a solid column. A panoramic view if icicles in areas like Old Man’s Cave toward the Upper Falls catches sunlight to offer photo ops that’ll make even a novice photographer look like they work for National Geographic Magazine. This winter wonderland is amazing when there is a deep freeze and well worth the trek to see it. There’s an annual winter hike event that draws over 5,000 hikers to the Hills every January. Plus many toasty indoor winter opportunities make for a great weekend getaway.

This award recognizes Ohio’s standouts in tourism. More details about the award and all award recipients are at ohiotraveler.com/standouts-in-ohio-tourism/.

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