Hog Heaven At African Safari

Frequent visitors to African Safari Wildlife Park will notice some familiar faces that have returned to the Walk-Thru Safari.

“We are excited to announce that our Red River Hog and Warthog are back on exhibit in the Walk-Thru Safari,” said General Manager, Josh Adkins. “A lot of effort, planning, and thought has gone into these new exhibits and we’re happy to see the hogs are enjoying their new homes in the Walk-Thru.”

African Safari fans and previous guests will remember the hogs being exhibited in the middle of the Walk-Thru Safari near the Park’s playground. Their previous exhibit is now home to the park’s collection of tortoises. Many exhibits in the Walk-Thru Safari were transformed in early 2019 to allow for the new Zoo-It-All Experience. With the Zoo-It-All Pass, guests may feed and interact with African crested porcupines, tortoises, rabbits, parakeets, and red kangaroos, and wallaby.

The Red River Hog and Warthog exhibits feature a barrier-free viewing experience, a concept that the park is embracing throughout the Walk-Thru Safari with its exhibits. A large “mud wallow” at the front of each exhibit can also be seen by guests. The wallows allow the hogs to demonstrate natural behaviors such as swimming and rooting.

Fun and interesting facts about the red river hog and warthog are incorporated into the park’s HogWILD Experience Program that runs daily in the Walk-Thru Safari. After each program, guests are encouraged to see the hogs in their new exhibits.

All animals at African Safari Wildlife Park can be seen daily from 9am to 7pm. The last automobile is admitted into the Park at 6pm.

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