Hollow Earth Theory

Did you know that the Earth is hollow, according to a theory laid to rest in Hamilton, Ohio?

Symmes Monument in Hamilton, Ohio commemorates the “Father of Hollow Earth Theory,” John Cleves Symmes Jr. This is the only remnant left of a cemetery-turned park after other remains were transferred to another burial ground. Symmes believed an opening near the poles (later dubbed “Symmes Hole”) led to a hollow and inhabitable interior world. The Theory of Concentric Spheres and Solar Voids was pitched to the U.S. Congress in hopes that funding for an expedition would be funded. After a lecture tour promoting his theory, Symmes died May 29, 1829, and was laid to rest here, just south of downtown Hamilton, Ohio at the southeast quadrant of 3rd Street and Sycamore. For geo-explorers, coordinates are N: 39° 23.711 and W: 084° 33.699.

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