Inniswood Metro Gardens

Admission to Inniswood Metro Gardens is free.

  • Open: daily from dawn to dark
  • Location: 940 S. Hempstead Rd. in Westerville, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-895-6216
  • Web: click here

Inniswood Metro Gardens:  As one of Ohio’s sixteen metro parks, Inniswood Metro Gardens, located in central Ohio near Westerville, offers 121 acres of beautiful wildlife and plants. With over two miles of walking trails and ten distinctive landscape gardens, Inniswood is home to more than 2,000 species of plants to enjoy and discover. This scenic nature preserve was originally the grounds of Grace and Mary Innis’ estate before they donated their home and property to the Ohio Metro Parks. Tours of the Innis sister’s former estate are also available to visitors. Inniswood Metro Garden guests of any age can enjoy this Metro Park’s unique collection of beautiful plants, flowers, streams, ponds, and charming woodlands.

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