John & Annie Glenn Heritage Trail

The John & Annie Glenn Heritage Trail
The Astronaut and The Advocate

The Trail: A Tale in Three Towns, Zanesville, New Concord, and Cambridge.

Before he was a 4-term U.S. Senator, orbital astronaut, military test pilot, John G. Glenn Jr. was a small-town plumber’s son who dreamed of flying someday.  Before her 73-year marriage to John, moving 24 times and overcoming a disability, Annie Glenn was a small-town dentist’s daughter with a life-impairing stutter and a very special boyfriend.

Follow the John & Annie Glenn Heritage Trail through Zanesville, New Concord, and Cambridge to celebrate the life of John Glenn, their namesake museum, and 33 other locations throughout Guernsey and Muskingum County.  Visit each stop along the trail to learn the stories of Ohio’s first world-famous astronaut and the woman he called “the wind beneath my wings.” Trail stops include the original Glenn family home (now the John and Annie Glenn Museum), the National Road “S” Bridge, Harper’s Cabin, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, Alan Cottrill’s Sculpture, and the Y-Bridge just to name a few.  Learn the history of each location and its importance to John and Annie Glenn.

To request a free copy of the John & Annie Glenn Heritage Trail, please call the Zanesville-Muskingum County Convention and Visitor Bureau at 740-455-8282 or email

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