Keim Family Market

Keim picnic play areaWelcome to Keim Family Market, an Amish store in Adams County, Ohio..

Keim Family Market:  Ohio Amish Country now includes Southwestern Ohio. In 1975, Amish families moved from the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country in Holmes County and settled in rural Adams County. Roy Keim began selling baked goods along side Route 32. From there, the Keim family businesses grew from its humble beginnings to an Amish superstore selling baked goods, bulk foods, full line delis with meat and cheese selections and almost anything you can imagine being made from wood. The bulk food selection includes spices and baking ingredients plus an enormous variety of canned goods, sugar-free foods and candies. Their indoor and outdoor furniture lines include hutches, bedroom sets, chairs and gliders. In addition, they hand build gazebos, children play sets, footbridges and even buildings.  They provide credit card processing, UPS delivery, catalogs for their products and superb customer service.