Krohn Conservatory

Admission to Krohn Conservatory is $4 for Adults and $2 for Children 5-17 years old.

Krohn Conservatory is one of Cincinnati’s treasures. The Krohn Conservatory features Bonsai, Conservatory, Orchid, Tropical and Perennial gardens and nature collections. The total collection represents more than 1,000 different species of plants from rainforests to deserts.  Floral shows are free of charge with the exception of the butterfly show.   Every spring, over 10,000 butterflies are invited to invade the Conservatory and fly freely around for visitors to get an up close and personal look at a remarkable collection of butterflies. The Butterfly Show has a different theme every year such as “Flowers with Wings, The Butterflies of India” featuring butterlies from around the world.  Click here for the annual Butterfly Show information.