Lake County Taco Trail 

As home to nearly two dozen unique, authentic Mexican restaurants, Lake County is the go-to place for taco lovers. The Lake County Taco Trail has been created to spread the word about the numerous remarkable Mexican restaurants throughout the area and showcase it as a destination for a unique culinary adventure.

Remarkable Lake County has created a digital Taco Trail passport that can be easily downloaded on a smartphone to earn points for visiting participating restaurants along the Taco Trail. One visit to a restaurant will earn diners 100 points, which can be accumulated and redeemed for Taco Trail swag. After 12 unique restaurant visits, passport holders will earn 1,200 points and will get an “It’s Tuesday Somewhere” T-shirt featuring the custom Lake County Taco Trail logo. With 450 points pass holder can get a Taco Trail shot glass and, for 250 points, a Taco Trail bottle opener keychain.

These restaurants feature authentic Mexican cuisine ranging from tortas to sopes to pozole and drinks such as horchata and flavorful margaritas. Still, the focus is on the amazing specialty tacos featured at each restaurant.

“Our goal is to encourage visitors to try at least one of these restaurants while they’re exploring Lake County,” Executive Director of Remarkable Lake County Neil Stein said. “We strongly believe that the quality and uniqueness of the authentic Mexican restaurants in our area, and the friendly, welcoming people who own and manage these small businesses, should be celebrated and shared with visitors and locals alike.”

To start your journey on the Lake County Taco Trail, visit and download the passport to your mobile phone. Then, go to any one of the 23 restaurants on the Taco Trail and simply “Check In” on your passport to earn points.

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