Leo Petroglyph State Memorial

leo-petroglythAdmission to the Leo Petroglyph State Memorial is free.

  • Open daily dawn to dusk
  • Location: (Map It) near the village of Leo near Jackson, Ohio. Take State Route 35 to Sour Run Rd and continue two miles and then turn left on Park Rd. Follow the signs and it’ll soon be on the left.
  • Phone: 614-297-2300
  • Web: www.leopetroglyph.com/

Leo Petroglyph State Memorial:  Some 37 inscriptions in sandstone mark the ancient culture of the Fort Ancient Indians dating between the years 1000 and 1650. The drawings, who’s meanings have not yet been translated, are of Indians and animals representing the time and region. Today, visitors can view these creations as well as a scenic ravine, gorge and cliffs.