Love a Good Factory Tour?

West central Ohio has an impeccable reputation for building things. Some of the finest manufacturers in the world are located in the Midwest and an incredible number of those can be found in the west central region of the buckeye state. Factory tours are an increasingly popular leisure time activity across all age groups. Who among us doesn’t enjoy the thrill of seeing something with which we’re familiar come to life right before our very eyes? If factory tours are your thing too, you’ll certainly want to make plans to visit Sidney, Ohio where your next factory tour adventure begins.

The Sidney Visitors Bureau in cooperation with its travel partners in Darke, Miami, Auglaize, Mercer, and Van Wert countries have collaborated to develop a factory tour itinerary in west central Ohio. The itinerary, appropriately called MADE IN WEST CENTRAL OHIO, represents a collection of interesting guided tours through a wide variety of venues that include an RV manufacturer, craft beer brewery, a chocolatier, jewelry store, winery, distillery, kitchen appliance manufacturer, and more.

Here’s what you’ll see on this newly developed tour 

Previously recognized by as one of the top 10 greatest factory tours in America, the Airstream factory tour is not to be missed. From chassis assembly through final testing, this tour offers a front row seat to witness these iconic travel trailers coming to life. For years you’ve seen these beauties touring the highways and byways of America. This tour is your opportunity to see the quality and care that goes into their construction. Similarly at the KitchenAid Experience, visitors are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at a manufacturing process sure to give them a new appreciation for the way KitchenAid products are made. In addition, the KitchenAid demonstration kitchen hosts free cooking sessions, offering visitors the chance to see their appliances in action while learning a few tips and tricks of the culinary arts.

Included in the MADE IN WEST CENTRAL OHIO tour itinerary are stops at the Moeller Brew Barn, Winery at Versailles, and Indian Creek Distillery.  For those with a taste for beverages of the adult variety, this segment of the itinerary is a can’t miss.  Each stop will enlighten guests with a glimpse into the world of craft beer, wine, and whiskey making.  At the conclusion of each tour, guests have the opportunity to enjoy samples.

At Allison’s Custom Jewelry, Jon and Libby Allison offer an insightful view into the jewelry business from the science of geology to the artistry of crafting stunning keep-sakes that will be treasured by families for generations.  Stops at Winans Chocolates & Coffees and Ghyslain Chocolatier are also not to be missed. Both guided tours go behind the product display cases to show visitors how delicious candies, coffees, and other beautiful desserts are made and decorated.

Additional interesting stops include those to Braun Industries, Cool Machines, Universal Lettering Company, and Celina Tent. Braun Industries build custom handcrafted ambulances and have been doing so for more than 40 years. Cool Machines is a designer and manufacturer of insulation blowing equipment and accessories. At Universal Lettering Company guests visit with highly skilled sewing and embroidery experts who have for many years been providing personalized jackets for groups such as the world famous FFA jacket of the Future Farmers of America organization. Those stopping in to visit Celina Tent will be treated to a fascinating tour of this manufacturer who supplies tents for both the party rental industry as well as those organizations involved with disaster relief operations.

Detailed information including location specific addresses, phone numbers, cost, and more can be viewed HERE.

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