How About a Factory Tour?

West central Ohio has an impeccable reputation for building things. Some of the finest manufacturers in the world are located in the Midwest and an incredible number of these can be found in the west-central region of the Buckeye State. Factory tours are an increasingly popular leisure time activity across all age groups. Who among us doesn’t enjoy the thrill of seeing something with which we’re familiar come to life right before our very eyes? If factory tours are your thing too, you’ll certainly want to make plans to visit Sidney, Ohio where your next factory tour adventure begins.

Previously recognized by as one of the top 10 greatest factory tours in America, the Airstream factory tour is not to be missed. From chassis assembly through final testing, this tour offers a front row seat to witness these iconic travel trailers come to life. For years you’ve seen these beauties touring the highways and byways of America. This tour is your opportunity to see in person, the quality and care that goes into their construction.

Another interesting tour stop is Allison’s Custom Jewelry where Jon and Libby Allison offer an insightful view into the jewelry business. From the science of geology to the artistry of crafting stunning keep-sakes treasured by families for generations, this tour will amaze.

Detailed information about the Airstream and Allison’s tours can be viewed on the Sidney Visitors Bureau web site along with an overview of additional factory tours in the area. But not just factory tours alone, on this site, you can select from eight packaged tour itineraries, or you build your own from a list of 70 points of interest in the west central Ohio region.

Looking ahead, April 1st, 2019 marks the 200 year bicentennial of Shelby County Ohio. To celebrate, a group of community volunteers has planned a series of year-long activities and events to commemorate this historic milestone. For the history buffs, a multipart lecture series will be presented on topics such as The Role of Transportation in Shaping Shelby County; the Life and Influences of Local Author Lois Lenski; A Celebration of Education; Why We Are Who We Are – A 200 Year Retrospective; and Rumley: An African American Pioneer Community in Frontier Shelby County.

Additional attractions throughout the year include an Antique & Vintage Quilt Exhibit, Native American Artifact Show, a world record attempt to open the most drink cans simultaneously, an outdoor concert featuring the Wright Patterson Air Force Band of Flight, and an impressive number of local festivals and themed celebrations.

On the Sidney Visitors Bureau web site, you’ll find information about these and so much more. The online events calendar offers a list of nearly 100 family-friendly activities and events planned for the months ahead. Here you’re sure to find something of interest for everyone.

Visit Sidney, Ohio… They’re waiting for you.