Magical Winter in Amish Country

We get it, Ohio is not your top destination in the winter season but hear me out. Where else can you enjoy the comforts of home with all the fun of a vacation. Winter blues can get anyone in a funk, so brush off that stink with a weekend away.

Rolling hills covered in snow with horses dashing in the snow sounds like the winter wonderland fantasy, that is what you can expect when you travel to Holmes County Ohio. Winter here is magical with the snow and imagination and innocence of those that live here. Winter is embraced for all that it brings to the area, comfort foods, spirits, quilts, and time to reflect on what matters most.

Lodging can be the most exciting part of planning your adventure in Amish Country, do you want a rustic cabin in the woods, a unique lodging experience, luxurious hotel, or quaint cottage escape. What other winter wonderland provides you with the wide variety of lodging options?

Let’s start with the rustic cabins and lodges in the area, not only do we have a variety of sizes and locations scattered across the region, but each exquisite location offers you the chance to rekindle or create romance. Amish Country Lodging offers guests small intimate cabins with rainfall showers, romantic fireplaces, and private outdoor hot tubs. Imagine toasting to the new year outside in the middle of a snow shower in the warm hot tub watching the snowflakes melt on your nose.  Donna’s Premier Lodging prides itself on being the area’s destination for romance. Jacuzzi tubs in the shape of a heart, bottles of champagne on ice and decadent chocolate covered strawberries can be waiting on you and your sweetie.

Wanting that cabin, but bringing the whole family? Sojourner’s Lodge and Log Cabin Suites and Ethan’s Retreat in the Woods both offer larger accommodations. Sojourner’s offers hiking trails, ponds, and astounding views in all seasons. Picture waking up to fresh snow and from the windows you can watch a herd of whitetail deer walking and grazing past you. Nature enthusiasts may want to head about five minutes down the road to visit The Wilderness Center, where kids and adults can learn more about our native plants and animals. This massive center has indoor PlayScape for the kiddos to burn off some energy and they also offer a variety of classes to give your explorers some insight to plants, dinosaurs, animals, and the solar system. Who says learning can not be part of vacations? Ethan’s Retreat is for those looking to tuck away in the hills, offering a fully furnished place to relax, unwind, and hit pause on life. Here the only care is what are you cooking. The hot tub and cozy cabin create an oasis and mountain-like retreat for those who may need to escape the world for a bit.

Have your own RV and want to park awhile, we have many locations here who offer hookups all year round. Evergreen RV Resort Park offers hookups and amenities to make all travelers happy. Having an indoor arcade, saltwater pool, hot tub, sauna, and laundry facility you can escape the tightness without unhooking from the truck. In the winter you may also run into the local Amish as Evergreen allows them to do wash in the facility and many locals take advantage of the opportunity.

Maybe you seek an experience when you travel, what could be more exciting than allowing the trees to rock you to sleep or see if Tiny living is really a new way to live. Pine Cove Treehouses give you the chance to explore Amish Country with a bird’s eye view. Don’t think of this like your childhood Treefort, this breathtaking accommodation has all the luxuries of a hotel room while creating an experience we know you will not forget.

If swinging from the trees is not on your bucket list, what about staying in a Tiny Home? Tiny Stays Berlin has two different places for you to kick back and enjoy the life. We can not get over how they were able to fit so much into each of these all while creating a creative oasis that would convince any critic on how tiny living is not a trend. From the full bathtub with rain shower head, projection screens and free-standing outdoor sauna and firepit, Amish Country Scandinavian vibes for the win.

Luxurious five-star accommodations are not just in the city, Holmes County Ohio is home to some amazing resorts who have that hometown hospitality we pride ourselves on. The Inn at Honey Run for instance is something you would not expect to be tucked away outside of Millersburg or Berlin. The Inn is a boutique adult-only resort, represents a truly private experience set within 56 acres of breathtaking landscape and complete tranquility. The intimate and peaceful atmosphere creates an environment of total relaxation and provides the ideal retreat from the stresses of everyday life. The property is also home to the Holmes County Open Air Art Museum and Tarragon. The Museum is an outdoor art exhibit that sits on trails carefully carved through the grounds. It connects art and nature in ways that you never expected, and if you are lucky sometimes you can find the owner walking around sharing the vision, he had for this. Tarragon is an experience for any food critic. The seasonal menu the Chef creates for you are sensational and often gathered within the grounds of the Inn.

Located within Berlin you will find The Berlin Grande, Berlin Resort, and The Berlin Encore. These lodging options allow you the freedom to step out on the town exploring our plethora of retail shops and attractions while being able to pop back into the hotel to freshen up before heading to dinner and an evening show. Did you know that we offer two different evening shows here in Amish Country? The Amish Country Theater offers family fun comedy, think Amish Heehaw and the Ohio Star Theater is more of a theatrical performance with Broadway productions and special musical appearances.

Maybe you want something that falls in between the closeness of town and tucked away, then Carlisle Inns (Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek) or The Amish Door are for you. The Carlisle Inns leave you in awe the moment you walk in with the lavish lobbies and common areas. Grab a good book and head to the study where the cozy leather chairs create a booklover’s paradise. The Amish Door located outside of town, but on the state, route offers guests that resort style experience with an onsite restaurant with comfort foods and spirits. Host to many events ranging from musical performances to princess teas, you can be sure to encounter some type of entertainment while staying with them.

Have I sparked an interest on where you can stay in Ohio Amish Country during the winter? I haven’t even scratched the surface of relaxation and comfort hidden here. Spend a day or two exploring our local wines and brewery. Taste the season through our culinary masterpieces leaving you wanting to get that to go box every time. Here we slow down, soak it all in, and pour ourselves into what makes us a great place to visit any time of the year. Plan your next adventure at

By Shannon Carter

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