Around The World In Ohio – Milan

Milan, Italy & Milan, Ohio

This month, while traveling around the world in Ohio, we discovered Milan. That’s Milan, Ohio, not Milan, Italy. But we’ll tell you about both anyway.

Milan is the unofficial fashion capital of the world and also has upscale shopping and restaurants that make your mouth water just walking by them. If you’re not sure which Milan we’re talking about, it’s the one in Italy. It’s also the location of the Italian stock exchange and one of the largest gothic cathedrals on the planet – the Piazza del Duomo. Construction of the Duomo spanned 500 years, beginning in 1386, and has been influenced by centuries of architects and artisans. Tourists can climb to the rooftop for a stunning panoramic view over Milan.

For one of the most elegant shopping experiences anywhere, stop by The Galleria Vitorrio Emanuele II, which was built in 1878. It’s considered one of the most elegant shopping malls anywhere. Nobody should leave Italy without seeing an opera. The opera house in Milan opened in 1778 and is called the Teatro alla Scala. Another must-see is the Pinacoteca di Brera on Via Brera. It houses paintings by Leonardo da Vinci (Last Supper), Raphael, Bellini, Goya, and Caravaggio, among others.

When you spend your time in Milan, Italy, you are assured to make memories for a lifetime. But if you can’t get across the Atlantic this year, then make a visit to Milan, Ohio, and experience history as well.

Milan, Ohio, is more a village with a mere 1,400 residents. It is located in Northwest Ohio. Milan is best known as the birthplace of one of the most famous inventors in world history – Thomas Edison. It will soon open again. When it does, you may tour the original Edison home, which now doubles as a museum.

You can’t help but slow down in Milan if you are fast-paced. It has reflections of its bygone era everywhere it seems. There’s a picturesque town square, restored century homes, several antique shops, a tranquil park, and down-home restaurants. Invention Restaurant may spark your curiosity.

Milan, Ohio, went from a canal town to a rail stop in the 1800s and was even a popular gathering place for wagon trains to form and head out west. It is said that Milan’s wheat export once ranked second only to Odessa, Russia, in 1847. Milan also had shipbuilding, producing about 100 schooners.

Today, this quiet little Ohio town burgeoning with a rich history has several major events and attractions that charm people from all around. These include The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum, The Milan Museum, Mid Summer Antique Festival in July, Melon Festival held Labor Day weekend, and Settlers Day in October.

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