Moscow, Ohio

Moscow, Ohio vs. Moscow, Russia
Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

This month, while traveling around the world in Ohio, we discovered Moscow.  That’s Moscow, Ohio not Moscow, Russia. But we’ll tell you about both anyway.

The infamous French dictator Napoleon lost the siege on Moscow, Russia, and retreated. After he was exiled, his officers fled and hid around the globe. Some turned up in places like Gallipolis and Moscow…Ohio, that is. In fact, that’s how the Ohio town got its name, from the officers that served Napoleon, in honor of the place of their last battle together.

Moscow, Ohio, used to be a very active route in the Underground Railroad. There are many houses with tunnel systems underneath. The community thrived as a steamboat-building hub and was also home to one of the biggest gambling houses in the region. Steamboat robbers (river pirates) considered Moscow their headquarters. Many think there’s gold under the cemetery. Oh, and the Dillinger Gang even robbed a bank there.

Today, historical tours of Moscow, Ohio, are given by Richard Crawford, Clermont County Historian. He can be reached at 513-732-2511.

Moscow, Ohio, is in Clermont County and part of the Clermont County Underground Railroad Freedom Trail, a self-driving tour. Also in town is The Artisan Center at Maple Creek. Near Point, Pleasant is the birthplace of former President U.S. Grant. Clermont County features many more attractions, too, such as Loveland Castle.

Moscow was supposed to build a nuclear power plant, but it was converted to coal after the tragedy in Chornobyl, Russia.

This leads us back to Russia’s capital – Moscow, one of the world’s most historic and recognizable cities, mainly due to the Kremlin and Red Square.

For centuries of its existence, the Kremlin has been a witness to many famous and tragic events in Moscow. Today, it is one of the biggest museums in the world.

Red Square appeared at the end of the 15th century when Ivan III ordered the elimination of all wooden buildings surrounding the Kremlin to avoid the threat of fire. The empty land was turned into a market. That’s how the first name of the square – Trade Square (“Torgovaya”) – appeared.

Moscow, Russia (and Ohio) certainly have interesting stories to tell and sites to see.

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