New at Iconic Rubbermaid Store

The modern-day Everything Rubbermaid Store in downtown Wooster, Ohio turns 24-years-old this year.  But its roots in Wooster date back over 100 years!

Rubbermaid began as Wooster Rubber in 1920.  Five businessmen started the company by making toy balloons, paving the way for Rubbermaid. The historic store’s original purpose was to test customer response to new Rubbermaid products being manufactured in the former nearby factory.  The first such product was a patented rubber dustpan in 1933.  Since then, Rubbermaid, now Newell-Rubbermaid remains a leader in developing cutting-edge technologies and products that have organized the lives of nearly every American for decades.

There are still four floors of the best selection of Newell Brand Products, all in one location, with the main emphasis on Rubbermaid.

The following highlights some of the new items in the store today.

FreshWorks, one of the most advertised items, can be found here. They are in three different sizes to keep all those fruits and vegetables fresher, longer.

Another new item in the store is called Brilliance.  It’s a liquid-tight container which can also be put in the microwave.  It has a very special feature:  When you lift the latches there are vent holes in the lid that allow steam to escape and the splatter to stay contained.

Not as new, but just as wonderful to have and use are the Freezer Blox.  These sturdy blue boxes seal tightly and stack neatly in your freezer.  They are just the thing to preserve the fruits and vegetables from your garden harvest.

Elmer’s products are now in-store.  Plans are to grow this introductory product line in the coming months.

Contigo and Bubba bottles are now part of our family.  They are made to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. And they do just what they claim on the label.  They are designed to fit well in just about any cup holder and are pretty much spill proof. These make wonderful gifts.

The newest product line to be introduced is Ball canning supplies.  The inventory received so far has been greeted with enthusiasm.  Therefore, this product line is expected to expand moving forward.

When visiting the store it is a good strategy to start at the top floor, there’s a large elevator for you and your carts, and work your way down to the main floor.  This means starting in Bargainland!

The items in Bargainland, on the fourth floor, are reduced from 10-50% off of the original retail price.  Items on this floor could be discontinued, have slight cosmetic flaws or may just be part of a production overrun.

The third floor features residential and commercial garbage cans, commercial totes, a large variety of commercial food storage and Step 2 toys.

Venture the second floor for your basic necessities such as dish drainers, mats and trays, ice trays, butter dishes and glass and plastic food storage containers.  There are also plenty of laundry baskets, hampers and cleaning supplies.  Calphalon bake ware, utensils and a small selection of pots and pans can also be found here.

And finally, the first floor features outdoor sheds, coolers, garage organization, mail boxes and more.

Every month the store features an in-store special.  This has been done for years. The first thing many customers ask upon arrival is, “What’s the special of the month?”

Newell has made a number of new acquisitions in the last year so the store plans to bring more of those items to the shelves soon.  The plan is to introduce Coleman, Oster, Crockpot and Yankee Candle, just to name a few.  Be sure to visit their website – – to keep abreast of the latest changes at the iconic Everything Rubbermaid Store in beautiful downtown Wooster, Ohio.