New Ohio Literary Trail

Photo courtesy of Ohio History Connection and Ohioana LibraryPhoto courtesy of Ohio History Connection
and Ohioana Library

Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

The Ohioana Library Association introduced the Ohio Literary Trail, a program that will shine the spotlight on Ohio’s unique role in shaping culture and literature worldwide.

Ohioana compiled the trail map with more than 70 sites across the Buckeye state, paying tribute to the authors, poets, illustrators, libraries, and creative influencers of the written word who have called Ohio home. Tourists planning a literary-themed outing, as well as Ohioans who want to discover literary treasures they never knew existed in their own backyard, will find it here.

The Ohio Literary Trail celebrates Ohio’s diversity through an eclectic range of literary greats who influenced feminism and women’s rights, Black history, religion, LGBTQ+ rights, and American culture through literature.

Hosted online by the Ohioana Library Association, the Ohio Literary Trail is organized by the state’s five geographic regions. The downloadable map provides links to every destination, with details, directions, and background information.

For a true literary celebration that unites readers and writers, the Ohio Literary Trail features five annual festivals in each region of the state: the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus, Wooster’s Buckeye Book Fair, Books by the Banks in Cincinnati, the Ohio University’s Spring Literary Festival in Athens, and Claire’s Day in Northwest Ohio. These major events feature authors, illustrators, poets, and more with fun activities for everyone. The link to each festival shares schedule updates.

According to Ohioana Executive Director David Weaver, “Ohio’s contributions to literature is something every Ohioan can be proud of. And as Ohio continues to influence the literary world, the Trail map will continue to be updated with new destinations that invite discovery and inspire the next generation of writers.”

The Ohio Literary Trail can be accessed at:

The Ohioana Library Association collects, preserves, and celebrates Ohio literature and other creative endeavors. Through its collection, publications, Ohioana Book Festival, and Ohioana Awards (scheduled for October 15 at the Ohio Statehouse), Ohioana connects readers and Ohio writers and promotes Ohio as one of America’s great literary centers. Ohioana celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019. For more information, visit: 

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