Road to Freedom Reborn

Ohio Stretch is in its New Glory Days
By Rocco Satullo, your tour guide to fun!

Point that hood ornament toward America’s first road trip. Take a joyride on the original coast to coast byway – the Lincoln Highway!

This “Main Street Across America” as it was known ushered in the freedom of the road era that helped spawn other legendary treks across the United States. But this seminal road was the very first transcontinental automobile route. It connected Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco along with 3,389 miles of drive-over country. Wanderlust carried Ford’s Model T, the Maxwell, Franklin, Hupmobile and Studebaker to distances never before dared.

Until recently, this historic road was forgotten in a flurry of invention that ignited progress, everyone looking forward. Nobody bothered to look in the rearview mirror. And when they did, much of the original road had been buried or rerouted. But across Wayne County, Ohio, it pretty much is as it was. So as the fascinating story of the Lincoln Highway resurfaced in recent years, this sweet spot has steadily gained momentum and leisure traffic once again. The experiential traveler can see, hear, touch, smell and taste the lure of this nostalgic stretch of pavement that leads to the crossroads of Pastime and modern times. …Read More…

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Hunting Season in Ohio

Coshocton County is in the Crosshairs
By Rocco Satullo, your tour guide to fun!

Hunters across the United States are recognizing Coshocton County, Ohio as the place for game. It’s often ranked as the top county in Ohio for deer kills and is consistently ranked in the top-three. But it’s really open season year-round for a variety of prey.

Hunting animals is what put man atop the food chain. It was essential to his evolution. Meat-eating supercharged human brain activity by giving it the calories needed to advance. Man’s brain uses far more energy than any other muscle in the body. Once this incredible energy source was introduced to his diet, man surged ahead of all living creatures on Earth. Today, man still has an incentive to hunt that dates back over two million years – food.  …Read More…

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Coshocton’s Top-8 Fall To-do’s

Fall is one of the best times of the year in Coshocton County. Colorful leaves fill the streets and the air gets a little bit cooler. Most excitingly though, there is so much to do. Whether you are nestled up in a log cabin sipping wine or trekking through the beautiful back roads on the Farm & Foliage Tour, you will end your day satisfied in Coshocton County. Here are the Top-8 things to do in Coshocton this fall. For more fall activities and events in 2017, please go to!

Coshocton County Fair
September 29 – October 5
Fabulous fair food mixed with entertainment and exciting rides? Count us in! Visit

Drinking Habits, A Production of the Coshocton Footlight Players October 6 &7, 13-15, 20 & 21: With a play full of secrets, mistaken identities, and romances, you are sure to laugh out loud the whole time. Go to

“Rallying the Homefront” WWI Posters featured at the Johnson Humrickhouse Museum October 7 – December 31: This special exhibit of American propaganda posters commemorates the 100th anniversary of the United States’s entry into WWI. Visit

McPeek’s Mighty Maze: Home of Coshocton’s Giant Corn Maze & Outstanding Family Fun September 15 – November 5: Get lost in the stalks at Coshocton KOA’s Giant Corn Maze! Packed full of fun games for ages. 0 – 99 you are sure to find fall fun at McPeek’s Mighty Maze. Go to

Fall Harvest Big Band Dance at the Lake Park Dance Pavilion Saturday, October 14: Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away in our beautifully restored 1930s big band dance hall. Visit

48th Annual Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival in Historic Roscoe Village October 20 – 22, 2017: The smell of fresh apple butter will draw you in while all the crafts, music, and activities will keep you all day long at this historic canal festival. Events throughout the weekend include Canal Town Journey Tours, eerie Spirit of Roscoe tours, canal boat rides, and activities for children. Also, the canal boat is running on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00PM, 2:00PM, 3:00PM, & 4:00PM after Labor Day through the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival. The canal boat can be chartered on weekdays. Call 800-877-1830, ext. 20 for group rates/charters or go to

Fall Foliage & Farm Tour October 21 & 22: This “Drive-It-Yourself” tour is a favorite as it highlights local agribusinesses and the beautiful fall colors of Coshocton County. Tour stops include Longhorn Beef Cattle Farm, a beautiful inland lighthouse, Heritage Vineyard Winery, Dairy Farm, Killbuck Creek Distillery, and more! Visit

Three Rivers Wine Trail in Coshocton County: Baltic Mill Winery, Heritage Vineyard Winery, Indian Bear Winery, Yellow Butterfly Winery, Raven’s Glenn Winery, & Rainbow Hills Winery

Enjoy a drive through the beautiful Appalachian foothills covered with autumn leaves and savor sweet distinct tastes of our six unique wineries on our wine trail. The Coshocton Crush Winery Tour is coming up November 3 & 4, 2017! Advanced tickets required. Learn more here.

Haunted Mountain

Things have not been quiet on Sugarloaf Mountain.  Haunted Mountain is preparing its return.  An innovative, interactive and terrifying attraction from the creative team behind Tecumseh.

Now in its third year, Haunted Mountain will be feature more scenes, an expanded loop trail around the stages of the theatre and a maze nearly tripled in size from the previous version.

But the biggest addition to the trail this year will be the laser tag zombie hunt.  Visitors will be issued laser tag guns before they enter the trail, and be on the hunt for zombies throughout the trail.  Twenty targets both living and undead will be posted throughout the trail.  Each group through the trail will be competing with each other for the most zombie take downs.  The company worked directly with Staradian Laser Technologies in Indiana to create the platform for the game.  Staradian is the world’s leading maker of high quality laser tag equipment.

Raymond Speakman, who is the technical director for Tecumseh has been working on plans for Haunted Mountain since last October.  He says hair raising special effects, a vortex tunnel, a fully realized pyramid room and a revamped zombie outbreak will thrill visitors.

CEO, Brandon Smith said “There’s a lot of fun in it too.  We never set out to be the bloodiest, most gruesome haunt in Ohio.  Some of the scenes are meant to make you laugh as well as be frightened.  The haunt was created to produce old school scares and while there will be a fairly gory and highly theatrical zombie attack, Haunted Mountain is about fun, not gore.  However, we don’t recommend it for kids under 10 years of age.”

“We’ve also added a new escape room this year.  Last year we did our first and it was a huge hit.  So we’ll be bringing that one back as well as adding this new one based on one of Allan W. Eckert’s books….The Scarlet Mansion.”

The walking tour takes approx. 35 minutes and will take visitors on and behind the stages of Tecumseh, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.  After their tour, guests will be invited to try their hand at Laser Tag as well as a new escape room.  Refreshments will be available.

Tickets for the Zombie Hunt are $25 and include the escape room, complimentary refreshments and more.  Those who aren’t interested in doing the laser hunt can purchase the classic haunt for just $13.  Haunted Mountain is sponsored by The Ross Chillicothe Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Circle of Blood at Shadowbox Live

Circle of Blood, described as a “meta-media fusion of live and digital performances” is one of Shadowbox Live’s darkest and most ambition projects to date.  Inspired by New York Times best-selling author David Mack’s graphic novel “Kabuki: Circle of Blood,” Shadowbox Live’s Circle of Blood is set to an original rock score composed by the troupes concept band “Light.”

Set in Neo-Tokyo in 2057, Circle of Blood tells the story of Kabuki, a deadly assassin employed by a shadow government whose goal is to maintain the balance between good and evil.  When this government agency is infiltrated by a dark figure from Kabuki’s past she embarks on a fateful journey of honor and vengeance.

Five large projection screens help to tell the story by illuminating Mack’s artwork from the graphic novel as a backdrop to the live action on stage.

But this is not the first collaboration between Mack and Shadowbox Live.  In 2015, Mack created the marquee artwork and make up design for Shadowbox Live’s The Tenshu.   After attending a performance, Mack agreed to collaborate with Shadowbox Live to bring his book to the stage.

Additional, community engagement events include a lecture series sponsored by JASCO (Japanese American Society of Central Ohio) from 5:30 – 6:15 on October 18 and October 25 in Shadowbox Live’s Backstage Bistro.  Topics of discussion are Japanese Pop Culture and its influence on the language in Circle of Blood and continuation of the exploration of Japanese Pop Culture, this time exploring Japanese art and its influence in the “Kabuki” source material, respectively.  And, on October 22 Shadowbox Live will host a special membership appreciation event for JASCO with sake tastings.

“There is a terrific buzz in the community right now about this show,” said Shadowbox Live’s Executive Director Stacie Boord.  “The events we have planned are really exciting and we are thrilled that this project is being so generously supported.”

In addition to the many Circle of Blood community partners, the show was awarded a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and a $13,500 grant from Ohio Arts Council.

Further, Artistic Director for Shadowbox Live, Stev Guyer, was awarded a $30,000 Columbus Performing Arts Prize.  The award is designated to celebrate and support the exceptional individuals leading performing arts organizations or projects, and their aspirations for creative growth, and is earmarked for Circle of Blood.

“The size and scale of this show simply couldn’t have happened without assistance that project grant,” continued Boord.  “We are so grateful to have such amazing support from the NEA to help us get to opening night and from our community partners to provide the momentum this show needs for its run.”

Circle of Blood will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30, and Sundays at 2:00 and 7:00 until November 5, 2017.  Tickets range from $25 – $40 and student/senior/military pricing is available.  For more information and reservations visit

The Underwater Bubble Show

Transforms the Lincoln Theatre Into an Undersea Wonderland  

Produced with the support of Latvia’s greatest authorities in entertainment and theatre, B – The Underwater Bubble Show is a mesmerizing blend of drama, mime, dance, puppetry, juggling, contortionism, sand art, and magic. After another long day of deadlines and meetings, Mr. B finds himself magically transported to a colorful, happy place called Bubblelandia where his only job is to daydream.

Inspired by childhood standards like Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan, B-The Underwater Bubble Show is a modern fairytale with one major twist. “Each classic tale represents a journey of a kid who grows up and learns something,” explains co-creator and director Enrico Pezzoli. “We wanted a story about an adult character who discovers that he can still go back and enjoy life. We don’t always need to grow up. Sometimes we need to step backwards for a bit and restart.”

The show follows Mr. B, a creature of modern habits who “always feels pressed by a thousand things to do in a world that seems to be moving too fast.” The office worker discovers a little aquarium that appears like magic inside his briefcase and gradually becomes enchanted by the wondrous underwater world of Bubblelandia, which is full of seahorses, dragon fish, starfish, mermaids, and other creatures. “Mr. B represents each of us.” Pezzoli notes. “His transformation is a journey which each of us could take. Everyone dreams about the possibilities of taking a break to sit, relax, and simply daydream.”

Taking cues from Cirque du Soleil, the visually spectacular show incorporates the latest in stage technology. Lasers, low ground smoke, and flying foam simulate waves and the underwater atmosphere.

A juggler in a huge plastic ball is the performer that immediately attracts Mr. B and the audience into Bubblelandia‘s wondrous world, while dancers and acrobats serve as small, colorful fish chasing Mr. B and each other inside the aquarium. The main character is played by a skillful actor/mime exaggerating his gradual transformation from stressed-out modernity to blissed-out wonder. However, the biggest attraction of the show is the spectacular use of soap bubbles in multiple artistic ways. Creators Pezzoli and bubble artist/spouse Dace Pecoli have toured the world as a duo act for nearly 20 years, working with the form, including a performance at the Sochi Olympics. “l have directed other big performances in the past, but “B” is our first independent, big production,” Pezzoli explains.

“The biggest challenge was to make everyone understand that the show is for everyone. Many people only relate it to kids, but everyone loves bubbles. After performing in so many countries around the world, we have seen adults enjoying the show as much as kids, sometimes with even bigger reactions.”

“Our main goal was to produce a show that could tour the world without any barriers, especially language,“ Pezzoli explains. “We involved many elements of theater that could work without speech—like mime, puppets, physical comedy, and sand painting—while adding visual special effects. Even in parts of the world where the culture may be different from our own, the result is always the same, with everyone cheering and applauding.”

CAPA (The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts) presents B – The Underwater Bubble Show at the Lincoln Theatre (769 E. Long St.) on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 3 pm. Tickets are $26.50 and $36.50 at the CAPA Ticket Center (39 E. State St.), all Ticketmaster outlets, and To purchase tickets by phone, please call (614) 469-0939 or (800) 745-3000.

Intrude Makes Midwest Debut

at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Intrude, one of the most highly acclaimed major public art installations in the world, will make its Midwest debut this October at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, Ohio. This imaginative piece was created by Australian artist Amanda Parer in 2014 and has since been seen on four continents, in over 50 cities by over a million people.

Intrude is a spectacle-sized work consisting of five giant illuminated rabbits-the largest over 23 feet tall. Rabbits in Parer’s native Australia are out of control pests, but also represent the fairytale animal from our childhood. Intrude deliberately evokes this image to lure you into the artwork only to reveal the more serious environmental messages behind it. Exciting programs have been developed to attract knowledge and experience seekers alike. The park will have a Hoppy Hour, a Hip Hop Night, a bunny-themed art exhibit by local artists, bunny-themed crafts for children, hat making workshops with a Hollywood costume designer, Mad Hatter themed tea party and more. Two of the bunnies will complete their MidWest appearance at the Blink Festival from October 12-15, 2017. The only way to see the show in its entirety is at Pyramid Hill, October 6-11, 2017.

Jeni Barton, Director of Arts Administration at Pyramid Hill suggests seeing the bunnies at night to experience their glow. “We are thrilled to host this dynamic work of art that will create a magical evening experience for visitors. Guests will be submerged in the glow of the artwork, allowing them to experience sculpture in a completely new way.”

Australian artist Amanda Parer’s edgy and ephemeral artworks explore the natural world, its fragility and our role within it. With startlingly beautiful creatures enlarged and frozen within their chosen habitats. When viewing one of these iconic, mostly feral animals inhabiting a beautifully haunting landscape, the environmental message is enhanced by the artist’s finely crafted technique in any of her chosen mediums such as public installation, painting or sculpture. Parer is an artist originally from Sydney but now resides in Tasmania where her work has been acquired by both public and private collections. Her work has been displayed in major international public art museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Memphis Museum of Art. Amanda has also attracted major art commissions such as from Starfield Hanam, Seoul Korea and Brookfield International where her works embarked on a major US tour of their keystone properties in New York, Houston, Denver, and Los Angeles during 2016.

Amanda’s major public art installation Intrude was a prominent work in the 2014 Vivid Festival in Sydney and since that time the artwork and its different manifestations, Intrude sm, XL, XXL, and Nibbleshave so far been exhibited in over 40 cities on four continents around the world and continues to capture major media attention where ever it goes.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum brings people to art in nature. The park features over 60 pieces of monumental outdoor sculpture in a natural setting of hills, meadows and forests. The Ancient Sculpture Museum features Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Syrian, and Egyptian sculpture dating to 1550 B.C. General Admission is $8 for adults $3 for children. 

Intrude by Amanda Parer will be on display October 6-15, 2017 daily from Noon-10pm. General admission between Noon-7pm is $8 for adults, $3 for children ages 6 – 12, and free for members. General admission after 7pm will be $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 6 – 12, and $5 for members. Special event and program prices vary. Additional information and tickets are available at

Three Baby Giraffes in Ohio!

Three giraffes were recently born at three separate locations across Ohio. Plan your visits to the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, The Wilds and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to see these long-neck youngsters.

The current giraffe population globally is estimated to be less than 80,000. Their numbers are declining across Africa—the population has decreased by nearly 40% in the last 15 years. The Future for Wildlife Fund helps protect giraffes by addressing poaching and illegal snaring, translocating animals to secure endangered populations, and also conducting studies on population and disease. Giraffes are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as a vulnerable species with declining population due to four main causes: habitat loss, civil unrest, illegal hunting/poaching and ecological changes.

Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) are the tallest land mammals, standing 14-18 feet tall as adults. There are nine recognized sub-species of giraffes from all across southern and eastern Africa. Each giraffe has a unique spot pattern, but giraffes from the same geographical area appear similar.

Giraffes typically give birth standing up. The offspring are known as calves and are born front feet and head first. The calf takes a dramatic but not harmful six foot fall (approximately) to the ground, causing it to take in a big deep breath. After about an hour the calf can walk and nurse. It’ll begin eating vegetation at around one week old.

In the wild, until the calf is old enough to join the tower, it is hidden in vegetation to protect it from predators. When the calf finally joins the group, all the females will take turns looking after the offspring while the mother feeds. This not only helps the calf to develop physically standing up but also to socialize it while in the safety of the group. The calf will continue to nurse until six to nine months of age.

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium welcomed into the world a new female Masai giraffe, born in the late afternoon hours of Thursday, September 21, 2017. The new female, named Binti which means daughter in Swahili, weighs 134 pounds and stands approximately six feet two inches tall. Both mother, Tuli and Binti are doing well and bonding off exhibit. The new family will remain off exhibit until examined and cleared for debut by Zoo veterinarians and animal care staff. Once on exhibit, Binti will join Tuli, Elli, Charlotte, Bahati, Trevor and Kipenzi along with zebras, wildebeests, kudus, warthogs and more in the Africa! exhibit on the North Side of the Zoo.

The Wilds also recently announced the birth of a Masai giraffe calf. The male calf was born during the afternoon of Saturday, August 5, 2017 and was up and nursing within four hours. The Wilds animal care staff noted that the calf is strong, tall and dark in coloration like its father. The Animal Management team at The Wilds has named the calf Fenny in honor of Dr. Julian Fennessy, the co-founder and co-director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, an organization to which The Wilds and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has provided support. Guests on Wildside Tours and Open-Air Safari Tours may see the calf during their visit to The Wilds.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced that their new African Masai giraffe calf was named Zawadi. Zawadi continues to thrive since his birth on August 6, 2017, and has gained more than 50 pounds and grown about a foot. He now weighs more than 210 pounds and stands more than 7 feet tall. He has been enjoying time with his mother, Jhasmin, and the rest of the herd at the Ben Gogolick Giraffe Encounter. The habitat offers guests the opportunity to handfeed giraffes and learn more about giraffe conservation.

And that’s the long and short of it!

Barn Artist Time-lapse Video

Ohio Native Scott Hagan, known as “The Barn Artist,” recently completed another historical barn mural as part of a state-wide project coordinated by the Ohio History Connection. The barn on State Route 105 just west of Oak Harbor features a larger-than-life image of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and his “Dont Give Up the Ship” motto along with a smaller image of the iconic Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial on Put-in-Bay. The barn offers a connection to the past through a graphic representation of an important piece of the area’s history. A time-lapse video showing how it all came together was created for Lake Erie Shores & Islands and the Ottawa County Historical Society by Sandusky’s New Departure Films.

Watch history come to life!