Ohio Geoclash & Festival

The annual Ohio Geoclash & Festival will be held in Seneca County in 2023. It takes place from May 31 through June 4 throughout the community. The main event occurs at the Frost-Kalnow Amphitheater at the East Green in Downtown Tiffin.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) and online clues to help participants find caches or hidden containers. In partnership with Geocachers Anonymous, Destination Seneca County launched the only geocaching trail in Northwest Ohio as of September 2021. Since the trail’s launch, more than 150 geocachers have completed the trail, some traveling up to 17,712 miles. Destination Seneca County will soon unveil a new interactive geocaching trail featuring a new theme, caches, and locations.

Historically, the Ohio Geoclash & Festival draws more than 500 geocachers into the host community throughout the weeklong event. The week before the festival, the planning committee will place geocaches in the community, allowing geocachers to explore the area.

Seneca County is the first community in Northwest Ohio to host the festival because of the growth of geocaching in the area. The festival is designed to allow geocachers to experience different areas of Ohio and help support many small businesses throughout the festival.