Ohio Historical Site Map

Map to Ohio Historical Sites and Museums

A map to Ohio’s Historical Sites: Explore all that Ohio has to offer by visiting 50+ historic sites and museums throughout the state of Ohio. The Ohio History Connection includes 58 historic sites and museums in 40 counties across Ohio. There are 33 historic sites, 300 buildings built between 1788 and 2013, 12 museums, nine archaeology sites, seven canal locks, four natural history sites, four bridges, and two boats. There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Our ability to offer a broad experience of Ohio history is due to the unique partnerships between the Ohio History Connection and the local groups that manage the sites on behalf of the organization. These nonprofit groups, local parks and recreation departments, and Travel and Visitors Bureaus are committed to preserving the stories of our communities. The Ohio History Connection is proud to work with these local groups to help bring to life the varied and fascinating history of Ohio.