Ohio Statehouse Museum & Tours

Admission and guided tours to the Ohio Statehouse Museum are free.

  • Open: Weekdays from 9am – 5pm, and weekends from 12 – 4pm (Hourly tours start from 10am – 3pm).
  • Location: (Map It) Ground floor of Ohio’s Capitol Building at 1 Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-752-9777
  • Web: click here

The Ohio Statehouse Museum is located on the ground floor of Ohio’s Capitol Building and functions as an interactive place for more than 80,000 Ohio Statehouse tour visitors annually to learn about the Ohio government. The Ohio Statehouse Museum enriches the experience of Statehouse visitors by providing a stronger and more diverse orientation and education about Ohio government and history. Admission to the Ohio Statehouse Museum is free.

The Ohio Statehouse Museum includes interactive, hands-on exhibits that challenge visitors’ knowledge about Ohio history and the workings of state government and equip them to participate as citizens more fully.  Historical artifacts and images tell the stories of those who have come to serve at the “People’s House.”   Audiovisual media and theatrical effects transport visitors to historical events and invite them to imagine themselves as one of Ohio’s governors or legislators.

The Ohio Statehouse Museum has created nearly 10,000 square feet of updated, high-tech, interactive exhibits enriching the experience of school children and visitors. The Ohio Statehouse is more than a monument to our past; it’s where history happens!