Ohio Travel Bloggers for Hire

Ohio Travel Bloggers for Hire to Cover
Your Destination, Businesses and Attractions

Have your destination and attractions showcased in multimedia blogs.

Tell your story the way it deserves to be told and let anyone share it! Have a superb reporter / blogger come to your location to conduct interviews, film video and take still photography to craft a lasting and impactful multimedia story or blog designed for sharing with news media, social media, marketing efforts and have the completed piece embedded in your own web site.

Click here for an example of this timeless and powerful multimedia story / blog.

Showcase your attraction or business with a Flo Story / Blog. Why wait for the media to come to you? Have a superb reporter lace still and motion pictures into the flow of a dynamic story meant to entertain as much as inform your audience using your social media, marketing, public relations and communication channels.

We can offer it as a contributing piece to over 1,000 media contacts.

The key is quality content that is timeless and embodies the flexibility to use as a whole as well as in parts, not just once but over and over again. The comprehensive piece comes with a custom web page for your URL and is built to see the large photos and play the multiple video clips effortlessly within the flow of the story without ever leaving the page. These dozen or so photos and half dozen or so video clips – that are an ideal 5-15 seconds each – can also be shared on social networks and apps like Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, you-name-it.

The seamless integration of multimedia storytelling creates a compelling and memorable piece with a creative eye sure to captivate the interest of your target audience and inspire them to act, compounding your influence.

Tell your story the way it deserves to be told and let anyone share it!

Real substance results in real interest. People want content that is less disposable and more memorable and easily shared. So, hire your superb reporter / blogger today.

Flo Stories™ packages are approximately $1,200 and include a visit to conduct interviews and to film video and take still photos to develop a deep multimedia piece as seen here – http://www.tourguidetofun.com/lockedup/.

– OR –

Provide your own story / blog for publishing in any monthly edition of OhioTraveler.com for only $495 and it will remain on the site for at least one year.

About Your Reporter / Blogger:
Frank Rocco Satullo has been nationally recognized for his creative innovations while serving as the director of marketing and public relations at a Fortune-15 company for a network of North American companies. He has since demonstrated long-term success as an entrepreneur, receiving numerous marketing and publicity awards for his creations at OhioTraveler.com, which is now in its 12th year and has topped 1.5 million annual visitors. His social media creations include four video production awards and over 45 thousand views for one video on one platform alone. He has amassed over 5,000 organic, non-paid-for, Facebook followers through only organic, non-paid-for, sharing of his posts. He has had two books published that received excellent reviews and sales, one of which maintained 10-20 books at a time on the shelves of Barnes N Noble and Borders bookstores. Satullo is also a U.S. Army veteran who served with honor and Top Secret security clearance on a nuclear missile base in Germany conducting satellite communications. Satullo is frequently invited on radio and television shows and has been published and quoted in many newspapers and magazines nationwide, including Entrepreneur Magazine.

To learn more, contact Mr. Satullo at 513-207-6690 or by emailing crossroads@tourguidetofun.com  or scoops@ohiotraveler.com.

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