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Amish owned - Amish operated - Authentic Amish-made

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 Located at 960 Wheat Ridge Road in West Union, Ohio 45693
9am-5pm Mondays through Saturdays and closed on Sundays


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Special Events Calendar

Every year, there are special events and sales during Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Fall Cookout, End of Year Clearance and from time-to-time, quilt auctions and other special occasions. Always closed on Sunday.

Solid oak and cherry
tables and chairs

Hutches & Dry Sinks

Bread Box Hutches

Pie Safes

Folding Fireside Tables

Coffee & End Tables

High Chairs & Stools


Computer Desks

Bedroom Suites
and Mattresses

Big Screen
Entertainment Centers

Gun Cabinets

Deacon Benches



Quilt Racks

Cedar, Walnut, Oak
& Cherry Chests


Gliders & Swings

Picnic Tables

Rose Arbors


and Outdoor Buildings


Six Kinds of Bread

Eight Assorted Fruit Pies

Custard & Nut Pies

Cinnamon Rolls


Pumpkin Rolls
& Bar Cookies

Fresh Glazed Donuts
(Saturday Only)


Zucchini Nut Breads
& Bars

Blackberry, Apple
& Cherry Turnovers

Cream Horns

Italian Cream Cakes

Sugar-free Items Also Available


Holmes County Cheese

Trail Bologna

Country Hams

Summer Sausage


Bulk Baking Supplies

Jams and Jellies



Homemade Candy

Homemade Cereals


Minnetonka Moccasins

Amish Books

Sun Bonnets


Eggs and Milk


Cheese Dips

Souvenir Items




Take I-275 to SR 32 East (approx 1 hour)



Take I-75 South
to I-275 East/South
to SR 32 East
(approx 2 hours)


Go South on US 23
Through Chillicothe
To SR 32 West
(approx 2 hours)


Travel US 52 West
To US 23 North
To SR 32 West
(approx 2 hours)


From The West On SR 32:

Turn right at SR 247, turn left at Graces Run Rd
and go about 6 1/2 miles
(Graces Run becomes Wheat Ridge Road)

From The East On SR 32:

Turn left at SR 41(traffic light)
and go just over 6 miles to Wheat Ridge Road.
Turn right and go a little over one mile

The Miller Brothers

are continuing the family tradition of 40 years by providing the best possible Amish baked goods, Amish-made furniture and Amish bulk foods. This Amish family-owned business attracts folks from hundreds of miles away to their southwest Ohio location. The furniture store alone has 34,000 square feet under one roof and more outside, not to mention the separate building for the bakery and another for the bulk foods. Together, the Millers have 300 acres of Amish country! 

Their motto is ďIf we donít have it, we make it.Ē 

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Miller's is an authentic Amish merchant run by an Amish family selling Amish made goods.

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Harry and Lydia Miller settled in West Union, Ohioís small but growing Wheat Ridge Amish community in 1977. They were farmers raising hogs, cattle, and sheep.  

On the weekends, Harry, Lydia and their six children baked. Their surrounding community loved everything out of the Millerís oven and came to buy what they desired straight from the farmhouse kitchen until 1988.  

Then, Gerold Miller and his wife Becky took over baking and carted the goods to a tiny 10x16 building to sell the baked goods. The 10x16 building grew to 24x36, and then 32x64.  

After returning from trips to Holmes County in Northeast Ohio, the Millerís offered furniture for sale at their bakery. The more they brought back the more that sold. Finally, a separate building was dedicated to this side business. They converted what used to be a barn near the store and used it for many years. Today itís a warehouse.  

With newer, larger buildings sprouting up on the grounds, the Millers had plenty of room  and could now serve the tour bus groups that discovered their farm. They started selling bulk foods, spices, cheese, jellies, lunchmeat and more. People couldnít get enough of the Holmes County cheese and trail bologna. Soon, they outgrew another building.  

It was about this time, Gerold started selling lawn furniture and the business continued to boom so Gerold brought in his siblings to help manage everything. Daniel and his wife Mary helped with the furniture store. Larry purchased the baking equipment from Gerold since he and his wife Esther had been the lead bakers for the past several years. In 1996, Larry built the present day bakery building. The bulk foods store became the responsibility of Harry Jr and his wife Leah. By now, Malinda moved to Indiana with her husband Alva Jr and the youngest brother, David, moved to Florida.  

Recently, the furniture store expanded, adding on another 12,000 square feet. Today, the Millerís 300 acre farm has homes for those that live their, including the old farmhouse, 34,000 square feet of furniture under one roof, plus much more outdoor furniture, gazebos and barns outside. Across the parking lot are the bakery and bulk food buildings.  

More than 30 years after the first loaves of bread, pies and other baked goods filled the southwest Appalachia air with Millerís baking fresh from the over, a family celebrates their blessings. To show appreciation for the employees and customers that have been so kind to them over the decades, they plan to give back in the form of numerous sales planned throughout the year.  

Although Harry Miller has since passed, his legacy lives through this close-knit Amish family. It probably wonít be long before newer or larger buildings are built to keep up with growth. Some of Harryís 20 grandchildren will eventually assume responsibilities from their parents and keep Millerís Bakery, Furniture & Bulk Foods alive for many more years.


Adams County Amish Cookbook
Real Amish recipes straight from the kitchens of
Adams County Amish woman


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