Old Mohawk Restaurant

Welcome to the Old Mohawk Restaurant at German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Open: Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 10pm, and Sunday & Monday from 11am – 9pm.
  • Location: (Map It) 819 Mohawk St. in Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-444-7204
  • Web: click here 

The Old Mohawk Restaurant at German Village in Columbus has a history dating back to Prohibition when the owner was said to have raised the turtles for its famous Turtle Soup in the basement. Today, it’s just as popular. It has a wonderfully large horseshoe bar and seating inside and out. The menu is tasty up and down, live music may set the atmosphere, and smiley faces all around tell any passerby that this is an old neighborhood jaunt to sit down and share with friends.