Paintball Country

Paintball Country at Niederman Farm is open year-round.

  • Location: (Map It) 5110 LeSourdsville-West Chester Drive in Liberty Township, Ohio
    (Between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio)
  • Phone: 513-779-3228
  • Web: click here

Paintball Country at Niederman Farm:  This Southwest Ohio working farm is loaded with things to do but one of the most popular is paintball! It features Lighted Field, Ultimate Air, Woods, Speedball, X Ball, Hyper Ball,  Rentals, Paint, CO2, Compressed Air, and Supplies.

Open play is Saturday 11am – 5pm and Sunday 1-5pm. Other times by request. Private parties are welcome. Weekend and season passes plus gift certificates are available. It’s a great idea for company events, birthdays, and bachelor & bachelorette parties. Large groups (15 or more) requiring rentals should call in advance so that enough equipment can be prepared for the entire party.

Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler 


The Niederman Family Farm is being saved one paintball game at a time.

What began with a handful of locals asking to play paintball in an old cow pasture on a 210-acre farm has turned into nine sophisticated paintball courses attracting several hundred players for some games.

“One day we’re sitting around the supper table racking our brains for ideas to save the farm and the next we’re knee-deep in paintball requests,” said Bob Niederman.

In order to generate a new form of revenue to preserve life on his family farm, Bob dove into the opportunity to meet the demand of paintball enthusiasts. He signed up for a paintball safety course having never played the game of paintball in his life. Then he added bales of hay and straw, old water tanks, cast off farm equipment, and anything else he could rummage to create bunkers for players to seek protection from enemy fire.

The early days in 2000 required a complete family effort. The Niederman children were occasionally summoned to play a game of paintball when teams needed an extra player to have even sides. Players must be at least ten years old and everyone participating has to sign a waiver.

The paintball venture snowballed.

In addition to working in the fields of agriculture Monday through Friday, Bob Niederman now has to work in the fields of paint Saturdays and Sundays.

“We have come a long way and now host major tournaments and themed events that range from Star Wars to Wizard of Oz,” said Bob Niederman.

Niederman Family Farm has everything anyone needs to play paintball: Safety goggles, guns, paintballs, and anything else to suit up and join the fun. They get a lot of walk-ins.  Those players are added to groups on various courses throughout the farm according to skill level. Any size group can reserve a field of play. Group events include church outings, bachelor and birthday parties, and corporate team-building exercises, family reunions, youth day camps, and sports teams.

“One of the nice things about reserving a field for a special occasion is that the game goes on no matter the weather conditions,” said Bethann Niederman. “Plus we have covered pavilions and barns to keep everyone dry for parties while not on the field of play. Besides, some believe the nastier the conditions, the more fun the game.”

Niederman Family Farm’s paintball courses are open year-round on weekends. There are about 50 players on any given Saturday or Sunday. Groups may also play weekdays by reservation only.

About Paintball

Paintball has rapidly become one of the world’s most popular outdoor participation sports. Players include anyone from housewives to high-school students.

A paintball has a thin outer skin with colored liquid inside it resembling a gelatin-like capsule. The liquid interior is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble, and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water.

Paintball is a very safe sport as long as safety rules are followed. Referees on the field enforce safety with strict game rules. Each player is required to wear safety goggles at all times. The rifle is an air gun. Players are eliminated when a paintball splats on them. Being hit by a paintball leaves a bright colored paint mark on the clothes and can sometimes sting, leaving a little bit of redness on the skin.

About Niederman Family Farm

Niederman Family Farm, surrounded by burgeoning suburbia, is a working farm that invites the public to see an American culture of yesteryear. In its fourth generation, the Niederman’s have been educating families, school children and groups about farm life for more than a decade.

This season, Niederman Family Farm’s 210 acres will offer more than ever before. In addition to farm tours, the Niederman’s provide hayrides and allow visitors to plant pumpkins to come back and pick in fall during the Harvest Moon Maze fall festival. There’s plenty of livestock to see and fun to be had. After all, it is a working farm.

Ongoing activities feature barn rentals, primitive cabins (with heat and air), bonfire pits, paintball courses, and many seasonal events. Group accommodations are routinely made for families, Mom’s clubs, school groups, daycare centers, and home school groups. The Niederman’s also accommodate large family reunions and corporate events in a restored 1890s barn with modern amenities.

If one day isn’t long enough to take in the relaxing sights and sounds of farm life, stay a night at the Gregory Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast located at the farm.

Niederman Family Farm is located at 5110 LeSourdsville-West Chester Road in Liberty Township, Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton. Reservations are required. Call 513-779-6184 or visit click here.

By Frank R. Satullo, OhioTraveler

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