Picture This

at Lehman’s

It’s summer and you go to your garden, pick fresh veggies and bring them to the grill where you’re cooking up locally sourced meat. You add some fresh herbs and bring your home-cooked meal to the outdoor table with friends or family gathered around. You talk about your plans to camp and explore this summer. Someone else talks about their plans to try something new, like candle making or canning. One of the kiddos asks to start a game of horseshoes after dinner, and you all pick teams and have fun playing in the fresh air. From plant to plate to pantry, you can savor the outdoors this summer with the help of Lehman’s.

Rural and relaxing – that’s what you get when you visit Lehman’s rumbling retail store. Remember when time moved a little slower? When food, activities, and time spent with friends and family seemed simpler? Lehman’s exists here to bring back the simplicity in everyday life from food, heat, light, and water to outdoor games, activities, and family fun.

Jay Lehman founded Lehman’s in 1955 with the goal of selling non-electric appliances to the local Amish. The store and brand grew much bigger than what he had imagined.

The mission hasn’t changed. Lehman’s provides people with the tools and products that offer a simpler way of life. It might not be possible every day in today’s world. But sometimes taking a break from often-hurried lives to stop and connect with each other even for a short time can lead to better overall well-being.

A trip to Lehman’s is like a trip back in time. What you’ll find are products you may have thought no longer exist. The practical and hard to find is what Lehman’s strives to provide for their customers. Anything that will help build a life that is understanding, comforting, sustainable, prepared, and satisfying.

Along with providing tools for a simpler life, Lehman’s wants to help you on your journey by providing workshops and family-friendly events. This summer’s schedule includes workshops like wood carving, grilling, canning, ice cream making, and fermenting. They are also bringing in experts in the simpler life, like YouTube star Justin Rhodes, to talk about sustainable homesteading.

Also on the calendar are fun lighthearted events to help savor summer, like Christmas in July, a car show, goat yoga, a 5K, pottery demonstrations, and more. Bring the whole family as you will find something for every age when you visit Lehman’s in Kidron.

Lehman’s full schedule of events is listed online at Lehmans.com/events. Plan your visit to Lehman’s on the Square in Kidron, OH to savor the summer with a simpler life.

Shop anytime at Lehmans.com.

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